Looking Back

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This is always an odd blog to write, for it will be one of the least read blogs of the summer… you might think I would just skip it, but I can’t. If anyone is reading this entry, you are a kindred spirit. You love camp, just like me. You have worked the blog into your daily routine, just like me. And you will miss camp tomorrow, just like me. This one’s for you!

I have written the blog every morning since June 2. That is seventy days… a long time, certainly enough time to establish a routine that might be hard to break. It has been a pleasure to write for it provides time to reflect on the day past and anticipate the day to come. Living one day at a time and seeking good in each and every one. Such a routine builds faith and gratitude, it plays the role of a daily journal.

My Thoughts On The Summer

I entered this summer expecting it to be easier than last year. It wasn’t.

  • We really thought we would be past the intense Covid concerns (it never left).
  • We thought we would enter the summer with an exceptionally large staff (it was impossible to hire the number we wanted).
  • We thought it would have been a “normal” summer business-wise (but inflation increased expenses by 25% over last year).

I entered this summer expecting it to be our best summer ever. It was.

  • Every session proved to be amazingly good and surveys marked them as “best” by long time camp families.
  • Every session was safe and filled with programs that surpassed our expectations.
  • Every session gained momentum as the summer progressed, ending on a high note. When we finish the summer with an August Camp like this, it marks this year as one that is worthy of being called “the best.” It was a great way to end.

So as I look back on the past few months it is with a profound sense of gratitude… for despite (or perhaps because of) the challenges, it was a shockingly great summer.

  • There were a lot of viruses going around all summer (constantly putting us on guard as we constantly tested for the dreaded Covid)… but very few Covid cases.
  • We experienced the biggest lightning strike ever (knocking the Blob dock and Giant Slide out of commission), but everyone was safe in their beds when it happened.
  • The weather was seldom hot, seldom cold, and always pleasant (perfect for camp).
  • The campers had smiles on their faces and friends by their sides.
  • The counselors never tired of the job, finding humor and fun in the details of their days work all the way to the end.

It is very hard to say how it could have been better. 103 is in the books and it looks like it will be a year to remember fondly. Everything clicked and worked exceptionally well. God is good… always.

So we close this chapter of camp history with a profound sense of gratitude.

  • To our parents who trusted us.
  • To our campers who made every day a delight.
  • To our Head Staff team, year-round employees, and counselors who inspired and instilled confidence.
  • For the weather Never have we had better weather for camp. It was perfect!
  • For The Lord To HIM be the glory!

Thank you for reading… it has been a pleasure.

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