The Best Place To Play

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One of the things I love about camp is how the girls are always playing. With no screens to distract them, they engage in other entertainment options… dancing, playing, and talking. Playing happens routinely throughout the day with every age group, and the girls are all “play experts” now. We will be playing in the water today, for it is Watersports Day!

I think if we altered our EP schedule to include a waterpark and pool option every night for anyone who wanted to play, half of the camp would make that choice. There is something magical about immersing ourselves in water, no matter the activity.

This fact is no surprise to many of you parents. A slam dunk birthday party is always guaranteed at the pool. Dr. Sevier knew the importance of water to a good camping experience a hundred years ago (the main reason he chose this location was the lake). Water was the “backbone” of his program plan then and it continues that role today.

We have a great pool complex (complete with a diving well and deep pool suitable for Synchronized Swimming and water polo), a huge waterpark complex, canoes, kayaks, sailboats, pontoons, and a bunch of water slides and water toys. It is not unusual for girls to spend most of the day in or on the water. Everyone loves water, and in celebration of this fact we have always had a “Watersports Day”!

Classes are canceled as we rotate five areas where campers compete to win points for their team. The morning ends with a war canoe race (in the fully restored, 28-foot-long, Old Town wooden canoes…beautifully restored by a Greystone legend, Perry White several years ago). The winning team will receive the coveted “bear” for the rest of camp.

Our weather is lovely: bright sun, no clouds, no chance of rain, nice and hot (92 degrees). EP tonight will NOT feature the customary Water Show… we announced a change at breakfast… our last Council Fire. We sometimes do this kind of thing: mix up the schedule just for the shock value of the surprise. The girls are always ready to adapt to the change, and the events often are more memorable because of the surprise! In this case, the change is actually due to the pool itself (which had a maintenance issue last night). We will spend the day fixing it and hope to enjoy the show tomorrow night. Since the weather forecast is good (lower temperatures and no rain), it should work out fine.

Before I close I have to say one word about the Production Night Show… AMAZING! Perhaps the best we have ever done, and so much fun for the participants! Sometimes the girls are so nervous about doing their act they don’t seem to enjoy the show until after their time on stage. For the last performers, it is excruciating! Last night, everyone just let their hair down and had a blast. Huge laughs, cheers, and standing ovations for each of the performances. The girls “in the wings” were just as engaged in the show as the girls in the pit. It really was fantastic.

Thanks for checking in. Life is good as we enjoy our last weekend at camp.

  • Breakfast Pancakes and sausage
  • Lunch Mongolian Beef and noodles
  • Dinner Meat Loaf
  • Weather Hot 92 degrees, no chance of rain
  • EP Council Fire