Sunday July 3

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Sundays are different by design. Even though many (most?) of our country is now considered “post-Christian”, every one of us seems to enjoy making Sundays special. The New York Times has a popular segment that I always read with interest: the Sunday Routine. All of these prominent New Yorkers (and most people in our country) make Sundays different than the rest of the week. Lots of crossword puzzles, book reading, strolling in the park, visiting friends, hosting family dinners, and museum visits. It is clear that they relish the opportunity to rest.

This is true at Greystone as well. Sundays are different in many ways that are beloved all (especially at Main Camp). We sleep late, head out for a morning run (if we want to join the Stumblers Club), enjoy a leisurely buffet breakfast, take a long shower, get dressed up, go to church, eat a big “dinner” with ice cream, take a nap during a long rest hour, do whatever we want in the afternoon, then end the day with a concert on the lawn. It is the best day!

Stumblers no longer takes place on the track under a blazing sun… 15 laps on the track. It was, quite frankly, way too crowded and hot. The River Trail is a shockingly wonderful upgrade, one of the most beautiful and interesting settings in the area (possibly the best flat trail in the NC mountains). It is a real treat for the eyes and for the heart! Features include:

  • Farm Barn: Garden, Freeman Creek, Sheep, Goats, Chickens, Pigs, Pony’s, Horses, Minature Horses, Cows, Alpacas, and sweeping vistas of our river pastures (the biggest open fields in camp).
  • Hidden Lake: a large lake that is only partially visible from our front campus. This area teams with wildlife, the star being the Bald Eagle who has assumed the lake as his territory. Also of note are the otters, beavers, snapping turtles, a herd of deer, blue herons, wood ducks, mallards, and Canadian geese.
  • Camp the trail has been significantly improved this year, providing firm footing and benches for resting along the way. , There are an unobstructed views of the entire camp from across the lake and gorgeous views across a “hidden lake” and wetland.
  • Green River a Class 2 trout stream that is the primary water source for Lake Summit. It is a beautiful river, very deep and flowing steadily next to the hidden lake and the back pastures.
  • Outback Pastures are a series of pastures that occupy the high ground of this wetland. The trail follows these pastures back to the Farm Barn by the backside. The views are amazing, very different from any other place in camp.

By the time we complete our 1.5-mile run/walk, we feel great. It is a hugely restorative experience. Anyone who completes two laps is “officially” eligible to join Stumblers. Three Sundays and you are in!

Our worship time in the FORT will be the next big part of our day. Church at camp is really good. Our community is tightly bound together and our relationship with each other gives power to the Holy Spirit when we join for worship. We will post our sermon later today, you might want to do a virtual sermon as a part of your worship day!

Tonight we will have our first summer concert. With warm temperatures and a slight chance of rain, it is likely to be a perfect day.

Thank you for checking in. Anyone reading a Sunday post must be a true camp fanatic! Your support and prayers are MOST APPRECIATED!

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