Sunday 2

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It was a late-night… we are all a bit bleary-eyed this morning due to the wonderful 5-Year Celebration last night. The forecast led us to set up the program in the FORT, a precaution that proved to not be necessary. The clouds parted as we gathered, providing a beautiful backdrop for the photos by the lake. Nobody complained though because the FORT was much more comfortable and the sound & lighting were far superior to the Pagent Court.

The Five-Year girls were absolutely beautiful as they stood in groups by the lake waiting for their photograph. White dresses on green grass make for a pretty picture. Add to that the golden-hued sunlight of sunset in a Carolina blue sky and silver-edged clouds all reflected in a mirror-smooth lake… WOW. The photographs of the girls are beautiful, I just wish I had thought to bring a camera to capture the setting as a whole. It was really beautiful and the perfect setting to celebrate these girls.

The Senior speeches were wonderful as well, bringing laughter and tears at regular intervals.

Today is the second of our four Sundays. We ran a soggy Stumblers in the rain, loaded our paper plates at the breakfast buffet, and will enjoy a lazy morning of long showers and organizing our cabins. Church followed by a lazy afternoon and a concert on the lawn. It will be a glorious day.

Sundays are intended to be a day of rest. The Lord makes us yearn for such a break. The collective sigh is almost palpable as we revel in the slower pace of the schedule and decide how to spend our free time.

Some will play their first round of Greystone’s version of March Madness (pickleball or ping pong). Pickleball is a team sport (2 per team) while ping pong is individual… it will take all summer to complete the tournament, the champions will be given their proper recognition and excitement is already building. Some will perform a talent act (today is the first of our Mini Talent shows, some of these acts will be featured in the camper talent show EP later in camp), MANY will watch the acts (which are really entertaining). Waterpark, canoeing, swimming, and pick-up games of basketball and ultimate frisbee will also be popular. Also popular will be reading in Eno’s or having DMCs by the lake.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Thank you for checking in.

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