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I love doing nothing.

I don’t let people know it because doing nothing makes me feel guilty.

My parents raised me to be the hardest working, most productive, and most positive person… period. I always take pride in putting in a long work week. It makes me feel good to have a lot on my plate. But secretly, I just want to do nothing. To awake with no obligations, no plans, no projects… just time. It feels wonderful (even if I don’t admit it to anyone).

The girls feel this way too. Their calendars are full of obligations and a summer at camp is not as carefree as you might think. We have full days of classes that build skills toward big goals (our big productions begin a week from Thursday and go until the end of camp). Pressure is part of the camp experience, and that is a good thing. It makes camp GREAT, but it’s nice to take a break.

Today is a surprise Do Nothing Day. I dressed up like a king and read a proclamation at lunch yesterday (funny story, a camper asked a friend when I walked into the dining hall with this massive velvet cape and giant crown “is this how they announce Council Fire now?”). It was a surprise to everyone, camper and counselor alike. A day to do whatever you want… all day long! No bugles, no bells, no nothing. The roar of approval was deafening.

Of course, this means we have LOTS of things to do IF you want. Movie marathon at the pavilion, knitting at the FAC, fishing at the lake, swimming, tennis, games… campers and counselors are all over the camp having a blast doing whatever they want. What a wonderful day!

Most of the delight that fills our hearts is coming from this unexpected bounty of time with our friends. Can’t get enough of that… like I said, Wonderful.

  • Breakfast Cinamon Rolls
  • Lunch Chicken Enchalatas
  • Dinner Country Fried Steak
  • Weather Sunny, comfortable temperatures
  • PHOTOS Our photographers are not taking pictures today… hope you understand!
  • EP Concert on the lawn with Ellie Holcomb! Drew and Ellie are doing a surprise concert under a full moon. Nobody knew until my lunch announcement (I confessed a “white lie” about Drew and Ellie not coming this year… the girls went crazy).

Thanks for checking in.