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Today is our last Sunday together and it is going to be a big one! Full of twists and surprises. We started off as normal on a hot, dry, beautiful day. Temperatures in the low 80s as the Great Day 5 K started at 8:00, the first runners crossing the finish line about 25 minutes later. Then came Stumblers. Almost everyone showed up to run and receive a T-Shirt… then breakfast, long showers (we need them!), church (Reid and his family will leave camp early today, it will be sad to say goodbye) then things kind of flip upside down without warning.

We planned a surprise party for lunch… a Garden Party where our nice church dresses will look very appropriate. Gervais has been secretly preparing since Friday and is ready to put on a culinary show. Lots of finger food, pasta, roast beef, lemon curd scones, and chocolate-covered strawberries… everything beautifully presented.

The fact that the party is a complete surprise (the counselors don’t even know about it) enhances the moment’s delight. I bet it will be a kick off for one of the best things we do this week.. The Water Show!

Our pool maintenance issues are behind us and we have been given the OK to proceed as normal. The extra day has proven to be a good thing. The performers are less stressed (all those last-minute details were taken care of yesterday, so the feeling of hectic activity is diminished). The spectators are less tired (nothing like Council Fire after a big day in the sun… it really is good for the body to quietly hear a story in the evening by a fire). And the weather is about perfect. Our hearts are happy and that joy colors every class, meal, conversation, and program. Life is good.

This afternoon we will start filling out surveys (letting me know what was great, good, and bad). This afternoon we will watch the marksmanship tournaments (riflery and archery) and stop by the FAC Art Show (which is always spectacular). Tonight, after the glorious Water Show, we will go to sleep thinking of the many plane letters that still need to be completed in the next three days. It makes for sweet dreams!

It is going to be a GREAT DAY!

  • Breakfast Buffet Breakfast
  • Lunch A Garden Party by the lake. Benedictines (little finger sandwiches) Pimento Cheese sandwiches, fruit platter, cheese platter, tortellini pasta, Roast Beef, scones with lemon curd, chocolate covered strawberries.
  • Dinner Leftovers
  • Weather Hot 87 degrees, breezy, small chance of rain
  • EP Watershow