A Night at the Movies

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When I was a child the movies were a big deal. The year was 1977, an awkward 14 years old boy stood in line for two hours along with hundreds of other people on Main Street in Hendersonville. I was completely captivated by Star Wars, we all were! That movie that dominated all conversations at home, school, and church. It was what I thought about when daydreaming. It became the foundation of my fashion sense and deeply influenced my Christmas and birthday wish list. It was mentioned frequently on the national news and it dominated the Oscars much to the delight of the world. Movies were a big deal back then.

Think about the great movies that came out in the 70’s:

  • The Godfather I & II
  • Jaws
  • Alien
  • Patton
  • Rocky
  • Midway, Monty Python’s Holy Grail, Young Frankenstein (admittedly in a different league!)

Saturday night at the Carolina Cinema was a community affair, the biggest gathering spot in the county and always a lot of fun. Large crowds of all ages milling about before and after the show talking to each other as if they were life long friends. This routine experience influenced an entire generation’s love of movies (I put a small theater in our basement and tied replicate the feeling with my children).

I say all that to just put a spin on my perception of the girls appreciation of the movies last night. I smiled as I remembered my favorite memories of good times shared at a show. We showed two movies in two locations for all but the Senior Group. Most of camp was assigned to the FORT for “Lizzy McGuire Movie”, a smaller group was assigned the Pavilion where “Sing II” was showing. The girls could switch movies if they didn’t like the one they were assigned.

We served candy, popcorn, and soda as everyone “took their seats” in anticipation of the opening sequence and then the magic of the movies descended upon the group and we laughed, sang, and cheered as one at various memorable moments. The entire Green River Valley could know what movies we were watching as the soundtrack echoed off the mountains.

The Senior group watched the original Top Gun movie at Putt Cove. Their event was significantly upgraded with a super nice catered dinner served lakeside on tables that were decorated with fresh cut flowers. The cocktail cruises that lake property owners take at dinner time slowed down in an attempt to find out what party they had not been invited to attend! After a leisurely dinner and play time in the water, the girls changed into their pajamas to watch a 25 foot screen set up on the dock. Spread out on the grassy shore, they snuggled under a dramatic sky marked by distant thunder and lightning.

Thirty minutes later, mayhem. Gusty wind blew the screen into the water, rain drops started to fall, and as they ran back to camp a heavy rain shower caught them in the open. You can only imagine the scene as they regrouped to watch the rest of the movie in White Hall. They will talk about that night for the rest of their lives!

I have already decided that it is time for the Miller family to return to the movies. To pick a show, a date, get a group together, anticipate the moment, arrive early, and enjoy the show together. To cheer, laugh, and gasp as one. Perhaps during the Christmas holidays… I can’t wait!

Nothing that dramatic is happening today, as far as I know. We will enjoy classes, meals in the dining hall, resthour in our cabins, and a fun EP tonight. Exactly what we need!

  • Breakfast Sleep Late Friday bagels and assorted cream cheese assorted flavors, fruit, cereal, milk, juice… served in the cabin!
  • Lunch Ham & Cheese Sandwiches
  • Dinner Pot Roast
  • EP Rotating Group Night… We divide camp in half, one group doing fun game type thing with fabulous prizes (Taco Cat theme), the other doing water based activities. We will do another of these EP’s later in the summer and switch.
  • Weather Muggy (mid-80’s and high humidity), breezy, afternoon showers.