Love Main Camp!

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It is early Saturday morning. The campus has been almost silent since the June campers left yesterday and the counselors took some time off. This has allowed the geese to have full reign over the pagent court and they are waddling about like they own the place. I am alone in the office and thinking about what is about to happen, so join me as we contemplate why Main Camp epitomises Greystone.

Main Camp Celebrates Every Aspect of Greystone:

  • The Tradition… 103 years, 1 family, 1 mission. Kindness, Consistency, Continuity, and Innovation are the hallmarks (a camper from the 50s would recognize the feeling of camp today). Main Campers “get it” better than anyone.
  • The Program… Reveille, Flag, Food, Singing, Activities, Concerts, Rest Hour, Shoppe, EP’s, Dance Parties, DMC’s, Taps. Life is lived abundantly and it is good.
  • The Counselors… College girls who have dreamed of this moment for most of their lives. Their impact is delightful and seen in every corner of camp. Main Campers appreciate Greystone Counselors (which makes the counselors even better)!
  • The Campers… Main campers represent a wide diversity of age groups joined by a common vision. Everyone is a “camp fanatic”. They “do” camp the way it is intended, entering into every moment with every fiber of their being. This makes every event, every class, every EP, every song in the dining hall, every dance party in the cabin, EVERY MOMENT better. Your impact is amazing and we can’t wait to ride the tsunami of FUN that you bring!

We can’t wait to welcome you back to your summer home. Opening Day is just around the corner, so rest up and get ready. This is going to be fun!

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