25 Games to Gift Based on Her Favorite Things at Camp

Have a Greystone girl you are shopping for this holiday season? Today, we are pairing up two of our favorite things: camp and games! Our Card Games class is so popular, and we know many of your families enjoy playing games over the holiday season. Why not get your Greystone girl a game-based gift that pairs up with her favorite part of camp? Check out our suggestions below!

Disclaimer: Make sure to check the ages on all of these games, as some are just for older campers.

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If she loves the Fine Arts Center

Check out: Color Brain

This fun color-centric game is perfect for your aspiring artist. Great for a family game night and will really get your brain working. There is also a brand new Disney version that would work for any Disney-loving artistic campers out there.

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If she loves Mengaerie

Check out: Throw Throw Burrito

What’s better than mixing a little dodgeball with a card game? Throw Throw Burrito is a camp favorite for a reason, and we know your Greystone girl will love it too. If you’re looking for an outdoor version, check out their new Throw Throw Burrito Outdoor Extreme (a great way to get all of the children outside of the house!).

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If she loves Camp Costumes

Check out: Unstable Unicorns

Every Greystone girl knows that a trunk full of costumes is essential to the Greystone experience. Add in a unicorn costume? Even better. This game is funny and great to play with a group. There is a version specifically for younger campers, and even a Christmas Expansion pack, if this game is up your ally.

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If she can’t tell any of the Farm Barn animals apart

Check out: Similo

Is it just me, or do the pigs look exactly alike? This card game is reminiscent of Codenames, in that you’re trying to find similarities amongst the cards. If animals are her thing, this is a fun, quick card game to pull out or throw in a stocking. There is also a Wild Animals, Fable, and History version.

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If she keeps putting Kitten Camp as a class suggestion on her end-of-summer survey

Check out: Cat Chaos

Kitty Camp is a class suggestion we see time and time again, so why not lean into her feline obsession with a great game? This is a personal family favorite right now and is great for all ages (my 7 year old plays with his granddad). It’s better for groups (so more than 2 players) and can be played in about 2 minutes a round. Great stocking stuffer for the cat lover in your life.

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If she loves Jimboy’s Breakfast Club jokes

Check out: What Do You Meme

This game will have your family laughing in no time! Light up that Christmas tree and play a few rounds of this game to fill some of those longer Christmas break times. Great to play with cousins and extended family.

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If she wants to take Juggling

Check out: Pindaloo

A fun outdoor game that works on your hand-eye coordination. Your Greystone girl can build up the coordination to be ready to take on Juggling class this summer! Or, if she already knows how to juggle, this is a fun way to vary those skills.

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If she loves Riflery

Check out: A Game of Cat and Mouth

This game was a hit at our Taco Cat themed event this past summer, and your Riflery-lover will appreciate this shooting-accuracy game. Good for all ages, this is a fun, more active game that is perfect to stick under the Christmas tree.

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If she loves Drama and the Play Productions

Check out: The Chameleon

Get into character in this game as your Greystone girl will try to blend in and not get caught. Fun for groups and families, this is a very popular game amongst our college-aged staff.

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If she loves Taco Cat Tuesdays

Check out: Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

I often keep this game in my purse, as it’s just so easy to pull out and play at a moment’s notice. We’re especially loving the Christmas version this year - a fun twist on a classic game!

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If she loves Group Nights

Check out: Laser Tag

A great family gift! This is the laser tag set we use at camp, and we’ve had great success with it over the years. It holds up well and has been so much fun! The lights are loads of fun at night, and with the early sunset time right now, it would be perfect for winter nights.

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If she loves Sleep Late Friday

Check out: Sleeping Queens 2

For our younger Greystone girls, the original Sleeping Queens game has always been popular, so this 2nd version is sure to be hit. I know many campers who would love to see this in their stocking!

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If she loves playing Mafia

Check out: One Night Werewolf

For older campers, this game is essentially Mafia in card game form. Your Greystone girl will fondly remember rainy days in Landsports or Sunday afternoon cabin fun with this great Christmas gift!

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If she loves going on Hiking trips out of camp

Check out: Trekking the National Parks

Girls who love this game really do love this game, and it will remind your camper of taking a Hiking excursion at camp. This game is more of an investment (both time and money-wise), but it is fun for all ages.

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If she loves Stargazing with her cabinmates

Check out: The Crew

This card game will have her thinking of late nights at camp when the stars start to peek out. Fun for a group and easy to play, The Crew is a favorite of many of our staff.

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If she loves Cooking

Check out: Exploding Kittens Recipes for Disaster

This version of Exploding Kittens has Cooking class written all over it! This is a popular camp game for a reason, and our campers love many versions of this game: the original Exploding Kittens, the Party Pack (which our campers especially gravitate towards), and the Barking Kittens expansion pack.

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If she loves Landsports

Check out: Kubb

This backyard game is a fun addition for your Landsports-loving camper. It is great for casual fun, and we highly recommend this outdoor game for all ages! A perfect family gift.

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If she loves the History of Greystone

Check out: Dominion

If camp history is exciting to her (or you!), this kingdom-building and family-centric game is really fun. This game takes a while to play, but if you can put in the time, it is a favorite amongst our staff for a reason. If you like this type of game, check out the Intrigue version or Seaside version.

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If she loves High Ropes

Check out: Gravity Maze

Figuring out how to get from one level to another is a cinch for any High Ropes-loving camper, so Gravity Maze would be a fun one-player game to add to her Christmas list. Boost creativity and thinking skills while also having fun!

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If she loves the camp Fireworks

Check out: Hanabi

This unique game is perfect for the Greystone girl who loves the July 4th fireworks show! You work together with the other players in this game, making for a creative take on a card game. Different and fun!

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If she loves seeing the Bald Eagle on the River Trail

Check out: Wingspan

What a beautiful game (it is a visual delight!). I don’t think I’ve met anyone who tried this game and didn’t like it; instead, once you play, you just want to find more people who want to play with you! This game takes more of a time commitment, but is perfect for the lazy Christmas holidays. Check out the expansion pack if this really is your thing.

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If she loves Zumba

Check out: BrainBolt

Every Zumba-loving camper knows that to keep up in Zumba class, you’ve got to move fast and follow the dance pattern. Same with BrainBolt! This memory-style game is quick, fast-paced, and will keep you thinking on your feet.

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If she loves camp Overnights

Check out: a Light-Up Frisbee

Are you really prepared for Christmas break if you don’t have a light-up frisbee at your house? While it’s sometimes hard to get my children to go outside during the day, there is something about handing them a light-up frisbee at night that has them running for the door. A great gift for the holidays!

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If she loves the Trees at camp

Check out: Planet

This is hands-down one of the most unique games I’ve played in a long time. If your camper loves admiring the beautiful trees that line the Lower Road, she will love this earth-hugging game called Planet. Definitely new and different!

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If she loves the Evening Program Clue

Check out: 5-Minute Mystery

Our August campers loved our Clue Evening Program, and any campers who appreciate solving a good mystery should check out 5-Minute Mystery. It’s easy to play and keeps your mind thinking throughout the game.

We hope your holidays are filled with wonderful game time with your family! Which games are your family favorites that we left off the list? Let us know below!