All About Camp Clubs

One of the most exciting changes to our 2021 camp schedule was adding in Camp Clubs. Today, we are interviewing Ellen-Anne to get the scoop on this fantastic addition to our daily routine. And, you definitely don’t want to miss her answer below where she gives us the inside scoop on whether we will see clubs as part of our 2022 schedule…take it away EA!

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What is a club?

Great question! In theory, a club is a fun way to try a new skill or activity at camp without having to commit to it as a regular class on your schedule. It also gives you another way to hone in on a skill, or work to pass a level, that you haven’t had time to finish during a class. In 2021, our hope with clubs was to give our campers freedom to try new things!

How did you come up with the idea for clubs?

Our club program was born out of lots of conversations in the fall of 2020 (really…a VERY long email chain between Sarah and I about ways to spice things up in program). For years, campers have been requesting more free time. The camp schedule can be a rigorous one, and we wanted to give more space to experience “campy things” without committing to it on your schedule. Thus - the “club” idea was born.

What are some examples of clubs?

We have clubs that are very reflective of our regular classes (think Riflery club, K-Nu canoeing club, Archery club), but we were able to offer some new and exciting options outside of our more traditional activities (think Debate club, Garbanzo Bean Appreciation club, Mad-Scientist club…really the list could go on and on).

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What were the most popular clubs?

Some of our most popular clubs were unexpected this year! Tumbling club was HUGE. The gym was packed in the afternoons with cheerleaders and gymnasts alike working on tumbling routines and stunts. It was VERY cool. Another favorite was our mountain biking club. Three afternoons a week, you would see the pump track FULL of campers learning how to maneuver the seesaws, skinny lane, or wooden rollers.

What was so great about clubs?

The freedom is what makes clubs so great! You could choose what you wanted to do and switch it up throughout the session. Our counselors also made our clubs successful; some even come up with their own idea for a club to teach, like debate club.

How did clubs remind you of camp’s earlier days?

I feel like the early days of camp were more laid back, and you also had the ability to really find a niche in a program area. Nowadays, there are so many things to choose from, it’s almost overwhelming! Clubs gave us the opportunity to slow things down and allowed campers to really figure out what you most enjoyed at camp.

What did campers think about clubs?

Clubs were a highlight of 2021! Campers loved that they could do nothing (clubs were optional) - or try something new everyday!

Do you think clubs are going to stick around for 2022?

Oh yeah, clubs are here to stay. We have some great ideas brewing for the summer of 2022.

Any new clubs you go ahead and let us know about?

A science experiment class is definitely on the horizon, along with many of our favorites from last summer. If you have any fun ideas for clubs, let us know!

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