10 Reasons Working at Junior Camp Will Be the Best Week of Your Summer

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Welcome in and stay for a minute, because we’re about to let you in on the best kept secret of Greystone’s summer: working on our Junior Staff!

Every year we get to kick off our next best summer ever with Junior Camp, the cutest introductory session where so many Greystone Girls learn to love camp. It’s sweet, spunky, and energetic, and no part of it could happen without our staff!

Our Junior Camp staff is comprised of graduated High School seniors on their “Skip Year” from camp, college students who want a little taste of camp, and alumnae and parents who come to take a break from the “real world” and pour themselves into a new generation of campers. Basically, if you love camp and want to have the best week of your summer with the sweetest girls around, working at Junior Camp could be for you!

Still not sure it’s the right fit for you? Read on for some of the reasons you just might love starting your summer off with us. We are particularly looking for High School graduates and college students to fill out our Junior Camp cabin staff, so if you know someone who might be perfect, share this post with them, share their information with us, or tell them to apply today!

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At Junior Camp you will….

  • Form relationships with other girls heading off to their freshman year at college, friends who are ahead of you in school, and Greystone alums. You’d be surprised at how close you can get to someone in even just a week when distractions are put away, and you’re living every day to its fullest!
  • Fall back in love with an old hobby! Did you swim in high school but haven’t had the time recently? Come get trained as a lifeguard and encourage girls to jump off the blob for the first time!
  • Have an impact on a camper’s FIRST experience at Greystone! Many campers start at Junior Camp (we have the most brand new campers at this session) and move up to longer sessions. Imagine the influence you could have on their overall camp experience for a lifetime!
  • Love Jesus and his people. Be in community with other believers, and work towards a common goal - loving others, showing kindness in tangible ways, and being entirely unselfish for a week and a half. The lessons learned at camp can carry forth into your year and beyond!
  • Practice having a good attitude, being flexible, not taking yourself too seriously, being patient, and be open to trying new things 24/7! Camp sets us up for when we will inevitably experience hard times in “real life” - we will be more prepared from the lessons we learned at camp.
  • Feel supported by those around you. Have opportunities to shine your light and make somebody’s day better by your joyful attitude. Jimboy encourages us to smile at everyone we meet and pass on the lower road - where else do you get to make a new friend so simply?
  • Be accepted into a wonderful community. You’ll have another “home away from home” for life!
  • Get back the simple things: a steaming cup of Little River Roasters coffee in the morning while you watch the mist over Lake Edith, hearing the squeals of excitement when revilerly calls, and enjoying a gooey smores with new friends!
  • Learn skills that will come in handy for the rest of your career. There’s a reason employers love hiring previous camp counselors!
  • Just have a lot of fun! You’ll spend your days goofing off, dancing in your cabin, giving and receiving hugs, rolling down the Pageant Court, and laughing until your cheeks hurt.

Ready to join our team? Go ahead and fill out an application today!

Know someone who would be perfect for this role? Or are you interested in joining us for Junior Camp, but have a few questions first? Fill out this form and we’ll be in touch. We can’t wait to talk to you more about the cutest week of the summer!