Parent Hacks: Table Topic Fun

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Greystone parents, today the blog is for you! Every year, we have parents ask how they can take the fun of camp home with them during the year. This year, we’re going to be posting a few blogs to give you some ideas on how to bring some camp-magic home with you as you (and your daughter!) count down the days until next summer.

First up: Fun Table Topics for your Family Meals!

A few things as we get started: these Table Topics are not just for the table. Use them in the car on the way to school, or when you’re heading out on a long road trip. Also, most of these suggestions are camp related, to help find out more about your daughter’s Greystone experience, or to bring back fond memories from the summer, but there are so many resources out there for table topics that are not camp-related. I’d recommend:

  • Table Topics cards: pull one out each night!
  • Would you Rather lists or books: we’re about to start in on this seasonal one as we drive to school, but you can also print many different lists online.
  • Guess in 10: these are fun! We love playing this version in the car. You can find many different sets that would even be fun for older children (or adults!) like the Countries version or the Landmarks version.

Enjoy our Greystone-version of some Table Topic questions and some Would you Rather questions. Hope your dinner tonight is filled with Greystone-fun!

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