Surprise and Delight

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August Camp is a session that filled with surprise and delight… and not just for the campers. Every year the staff enters this session with a very high degree of confidence in the outcome. Our kitchen, maintenance, cleaning, program, and cabin staff have perfected their various duties and perform their daily routines like pros. We have handled the both the normal and the “strange” situations that happen at camp for three months. When a situation arises we take care of it with a smile. Our experience makes us confident and able to enjoy the many surprises that the campers throw into our little world.

These young campers (the youngest of any of our “regular” sessions) are absolutely delightful. Their fresh perspective, inquisitive antics, surprising observations, and astonishing conversations always catch us off guard and make us laugh a lot. A few examples overheard yesterday:

  • At Canoeing: “Can I go to the bathroom?” “Sure” “Like here in the boat?”
  • At Tennis: Counselor: “Hi, I’m Mead” Camper: “Like the drink!”
  • At Flag: “Who would actually shower literally every day?”
  • At Putt Cove Steps: “Is this Petco?”
  • Walking on lower road: “I sure do love that gift shop!”

Know that camp is an absolutely amazing experience. It builds resiliency, confidence, social skills, physical capabilities, and spiritual awareness in the campers. It is comprehensive in its effect on a young girl, but that’s not all. Camp is just plain fun for camper and counselor alike! It is a community filled with surprise and delight.

Last night was a lot of fun and the girls absolutely loved it. A camp-wide hide and seek game where campers worked as cabin groups to find as many counselors as they could. A chance to explore every nook and cranny of camp with their friends. The setting was wonderful as the sky turned golden in the early evening splendor of camp. We gathered to see who won and walk back to our cabins worn out but excited. Delightful in every way.

We are very happy with the way camp is working this summer. Girls enjoying every activity in camp (usually they have to choose their top 6 or 7 classes and just do those). Our emphasis on people not program has certainly paid dividends. God has blessed the campers and counselors this year in a way proportional to the need. It is a FANTASTIC summer and we are thankful.

Today is another perfect day. A chance of afternoon rain showers, warm temperatures. We encourage the girls to make the most of the day for it is a gift from God.

Breakfast Club has moved to Spiritual Growth and today I encouraged the girls to talk to God. Prayer is not difficult, it is simply talking to another person. When we enjoy a wonderful sunrise or sunset, we let God know how it makes us feel. When we are about to enjoy a good meal we say thanks. When we make a new friend, we talk about that friend. Simple stuff… Nothing fancy, just including The Lord as a part of our Great Day.

  • Breakfast Bacon and Eggs
  • Lunch Chicken Sandwiches
  • Dinner Ravolli, baked chicken… and the Birthday Ball!
  • EP Camper Talent Show!

Thank you for checking in.

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