Our Last Sunday

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Our last Sunday of the summer began with a thick fog that made it impossible to see more than 20 feet in any direction. We were in the middle of a cloud, able to literally be a part of the sky that we have seen for years but perhaps never felt. The girls delight in such moments. They stick out their tongues trying to taste the cloud, they wave their arms to see the droplets that quickly gather as they dash to Stumblers. Not a bad setting for a run!

Stumblers (our running club) met this morning for the last time in 2021. We run or walk around a newly built 2-mile river trail. The run began in the clouds but after about 15 minutes the fog lifted and we were treated to a glorious blue sky and warming sun (most appreciated when it’s 63 degrees). The experience was spectacular, as always. The first runners startled a flock of grazing deer and perhaps were able to glimpse frolicking otters or beavers returning to their den after a long night. Everyone was treated to breathtaking views of our camp, river, wetlands, and surrounding mountains as they excitedly chatted with their friends sharing the experience.

If that were not treat enough, when completing the trail they were given this year’s Stumblers T-Shirt (the second t-shirt in so many days). They will cherish this shirt because it is one that was paid for with hard work. Many of the girls have not ever run this far, they are rightfully proud of the accomplishment!

Sundays are different at camp… for we like to honor the commandment to keep the Sabbath holy (different from other days). We make it a day that is all about honoring/acknowledging/worshiping God. At August camp, this translates into a slightly different schedule. We serve breakfast in picnic boxes made up for each cabin then give plenty of time for long hot showers and cabin clean up before Sunday School and Church. Then it becomes a morning that is ALL ABOUT Jesus… and we make it engaging, worthy of the subject! The minister is from Asheville (Duff James, minister of City Church) and has two daughters attending August Camp. He knows how to teach the Gospel to ten year olds! After resthour we will have classes and a regular EP (these younger girls don’t crave free time and concerts like the older girls in other sessions).

Tonight is Sunday Night at the Movies, where we set up a giant inflatable screen in the Fort and the Pavilion, allowing room to spread out. We will pick a fun movie, something that will elicit cheers when announced, and serve treats to enjoy during the show.

This is going to be a very packed week so we are attempting to recharge our batteries before the final push to the finish line. It is shaping up to be a remarkable summer. We have been greatly blessed and are so happy to be looking back on the past three months with no regrets. We worked very hard to prepare but we knew that we were at the mercy of the storm that is still raging. We prayed for protection and for the presence of The Lord in this place… that the girls would not only be safe, but also have fun, make friends, and learn skills… that the girls would experience the comfort and the presence of God Himself. If that happened with anyone this year, we would consider it worth the cost.

We come out of this crisis with a profound sense of gratitude. To our parents (who trusted us with your girls and supported camp by rolling over, or even making full donation, of 2020 tuition). To our counselors (who work harder than you can possibly imagine and do so with great joy). And to our God (who has once again blessed this camp in every way, without Him our camp would not exist).

Enjoy your weekend, and take a minute on this day to honor The Lord with prayers of gratitude for His many gifts.

It’s A Great Day!

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