Sunday #4

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Our last Sunday is underway and it is jam-packed; so the blog will be brief, much to your relief.

The Synchro “Heartbreak Hoedown” Show was SPECTACULAR! How on earth did they do it? Synchro classes typically are major time commitments for the campers. The more time they put in the better… but we have figured out a way to do a phenomenal show without as much time in the day. Between the cabin class times and afternoon clubs, Chris and her Synchro counselors were able to sharpen their moves to perfection. Never have we had a better show… I couldn’t be more proud.

It did sprinkle a couple of times, but never very hard. Few of the spectators had raincoats and few wanted them. The program was enhanced by the funny men staff announcers (who for the first time ever performed a surprise Synchro act), and the Synchro staff who featured Chris in their act, just before the Advanced girls performed. Amazing to see this program in a camp setting. It is very special.

Today is prize day for Stumblers. Anyone who ran 3 of the 4 Sundays will get a custom T-Shirt that will be cherished for years to come. Church promises to be very special as this will be Reid’s last time with the girls (he and his family return to Clemson after Church, his time at Greystone is over). This fact will shift the girls into a “closing week” mindset… a very sweet state of mind that will flavor every day from now on.

Tonight we will have our final Council Fire (I am dusting off the Me-Me bird story for the moment) and go to sleep thinking of the many plane letters that still need to be completed in the next three days.

It is going to be a GREAT DAY!

  • Breakfast Sweet Georgia Muffins, Yogurt Buffet
  • Lunch Beef Stroganoff
  • Dinner Picnic
  • EP Council Fire
  • Weather Partly Cloudy, 82
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