Main Campers

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Some of the people reading the blog today are our Main Campers. You are perhaps on the road with your parents and things have settled down during a long drive home and you are checking the Greystone News. Perhaps you are at home and you are missing camp and wanting to read what words were written and what photos were chosen to capture the moments. Our thoughts are filled with memories of you, and you should know that we continue to marvel at how great you were.

You were spectacular…

You decided to trust that camp would be good, even if you had to wear masks, stay with cabin groups, not choose your activities, never leave camp, eat outside in a tent, and have every event and tradition completely changed.

You came for each other. You came for your camp. You came for your God. Because of love.

Your love made this year better than ever. You have been an inspiration and we forever be grateful.

This summer was great because of you!

Yesterday’s Morning Assembly was on the “Ten Lepers”… how only one of the ten returned to give thanks. We encouraged you to remember your lessons on unselfishness and to always be grateful. To always express those feelings as an encouragement to others. So today we say thank you for so many things:

  • For The Way Main Camp Worked We completely redid the playbook for camp this year and Main Camp was the session we most needed to “get right”. The requirements of social distancing, contact tracing, and other Covid protocols would put cabin groups together for a lot of time. We were, understandably, concerned that it would be too much of a good thing. The changes also impacted every activity area and special event that the girls loved so much in years past. Would the new things be as good as the old? The Health Hut, cleaning services, dining services, Morning Assembly, Church, Council Fire, Vespers, and Banquet all were different. We should not have worried. Main Camp was spectacular! In many ways, our best year ever.
  • For The Team From the Dish Crew to the Directors, everyone was ready to go early in the morning and worked late into the night. Counselors were a source of overflowing love and kindness that energized us all. Everyone had more on their plate than ever before and took care of each detail with a smile. Never have I been more proud of a camp community.
  • For The Parents Not many businesses can survive an entire year with no income, and our situation was worse than it even appears! Our 2021 expenses started in August 2019. Needless to say, we needed help and you answered the call. Virtually all of you returned for 2021 and many of you rolled over your entire tuition. Some donated part (or in a few cases ALL) of their 2020 tuition. We are profoundly grateful for your support. Thank you for entrusting us with this summer… know that we deeply appreciate your confidence. It is an honor and privilege to do this “work”. To say it was appreciated does not scratch the surface.
  • For The Lord Our mission is to glorify God with this work and for that to happen it is essential that God be with us. That He fills this place with His Spirit and uses all circumstances for good. He certainly did so at Greystone this year and it is impossible to express how grateful we are.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your family.