It's The Weekend

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It is another GLORIOUS summer day in the mountains!

The sun is shining without a cloud in the sky, zinc face protection has become a form of artistic expression with the neon colors that came out this year. The weather dog predicts a good chance of afternoon showers (no surprise) and everyone is excited about the Jimbolympics this evening. It is going to be a great day.

I am going to make the next couple of updates shorter in an attempt to give us all a break from my ponderous ramblings. You are probably weary of them and I sometimes don’t know when to stop.

Take this morning’s Breakfast Club joke (I can see Clearly Now)… it went on for a record 28 minutes 15 seconds… but who is counting! Laura was about to jump out of her skin, everyone shared a good laugh.

I told a new story at Council Fire last night… the story of my father’s near brush with quitting the football team because it was too hard. The moral of the story being most good things in life are not easy. They require strength of character to push through the negative feelings and find the good. These character traits are built every day, especially at camp. Build this “muscle memory” into your heart and you will be thankful.

  • Breakfast Hot Donuts, Egg Casserole
  • Lunch Parmesan Chicken Salad
  • Dinner Roasted Chicken, mashed potatoes, roasted veggies
  • EP Jimbolympiad (we celebrate every 4 years)
  • Weather Sunny & Showers

Last thing. One of our biggest design considerations in building the FORT was to make it as comfortable as possible. I have experienced metal buildings that are oppressively hot inside due to heat radiating from the metal roof. Our architect carefully dictated the height of the outside walls (10 feet), the height of the center ridgeline (38 feet), the volume of space above the floor increased due to the pitch of the roof (a steep 5/12 ratio), and the a high-tech insulation to make a gym that would not even need fans… MUCH to everyone’s surprise, it worked. We had ordered very nice fans (I had my doubts) that still have not been delivered due to supply issues. I wish I could cancel the order!