Corny Roast 2.0

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Today’s Blog is going to be a short one… and I suspect that is OK with you… for today is FRIDAY! The beginning of another weekend and I bet your time is at a premium.

So I will just give you a quick glimpse into the fun we had last night at the “Corny Roast, 2.0”. Bottom line… it was GREAT! What stood out to me:

  • The King and Queen (DM and me) had a blast! Each area was engaging in a different way and we never lost interest in the attractions.
  • The Hay Rides and pontoon cruises were a hit… simple fun made better with quantity (we had two hay wagons and 4 pontoons in service all night).
  • Root Beer… 6 Albita kegs were enough to provide endless refills for the entire night. Ice cold root beer on a hot summer night, YUM.
  • Rides… the rides and games from the carnival supply place were completely new and very much enjoyed.
  • Prizes… Giant stuffed animals, limited edition t-shirts, inflatable couches, and a brand new Coyote Decoy made tickets from games highly sought after. Everything was eventually won by somebody, but it took all night!
  • Music… not live music, but FUN music was playing EVERYWHERE (the 6 speaker setup worked great).
  • Gem Mining… took me back to my youth. A lot of fun.
  • Haunted Barn… SO GOOD! The girls couldn’t get enough of it. Makes me think we should open it to the public at Halloween this year!
  • Full Moon… as the moon rose in the eastern sky it was blood red, very dramatic, and very beautiful.

Another perfect day, we are having a blast.

  • Breakfast French Toast Sticks and sausage
  • Lunch Chicken Salad and Pimento Cheese
  • Dinner Chicken Picatta
  • EP Counselor Talent Show
  • Weather Warm, scattered showers… typical summer day.
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