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When we plan a new event that we KNOW will be a hit, our anticipation of that day is intense… BUT the question lingers in the back of our minds… will the event be as good in person as it is in our imagination? Will the girls LOVE IT?

Well, July Madness delivered on the dream. It started with the setup of the three venues… table tennis on the Grand Lawn Stage, Pickleball Semi-Finals on Court 7, Pickleball Finals on Court 4. The picnic dinner was served like in a stadium, with individual boxes of hotdogs, condiments, chips, big kosher pickles, and ice-cold Cokes (real cokes, which got a cheer from the crowd). When we started the semi-finals, girls could call down the pretzel and popcorn to their seats, music and half-time shows added a festival flair… and the very limited edition shirts (given to the champions and hurled into the crowd with a slingshot) are now much treasured possessions. The final pickleball game went to a third set, ending the night in darkness lit by a nearly full moon.

It was a great camp event… worthy of the moment.

Today we awoke to a clear blue sky and the promise of a perfect day. Tonight we will have our Senior Celebration (basically a Senior camper talent show) and Queens Ball. Each girl is introduced, everyone feeling the significance of the moment as their many years of camp are drawing to a close. Every girl will perform (most of them with their cabinmates by their side, sometimes doing solo acts). It will be a long program marked by laughter and tears. The last portion of the evening will feature the crowning of the Queen and her Court (girls who have been chosen by their peers as shining examples of unselfishness and love). Afterward, the seniors will have a little party under the twinkle lights that have been strung by the eastern shore of the lake. They will enjoy a special devotion, receive their silver charms (crafted by Marilyn, our department head of metal jewelry, just for them). Most significantly, they will be given sweet heart-felt cards hand-written by their counselors to be read at bedtime and cherished for a lifetime. So wonderful.

Things might be going crazy in the real world but in the bubble, life is about perfect. We anticipate every day with keen interest. The girls chatter constantly, the murmur of little voices not stopping at the normal times… it is hard to settle them down for announcements and who can blame them? There is much to be excited about! Every class is important (as they strive to finish projects and pass levels), every EP a big deal (each one marked on the calendar… every moment steeped in traditions and keenly anticipated). The girls know that time is running short and they are excited but also nostalgic.

One of the best parts about camp is its ability to make a 10-year-old feel nostalgic. Girls of all ages sense the passage of time and remember. Good times of laughter and delight. Difficult times of heartache and disappointment. Five weeks is long enough to be a significant experience… we hope it is one that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Thank you for checking in… such a pleasure letting you know what is happening in ’Ole Tuxedo.

  • Breakfast Belgium Waffles and Sausage
  • Lunch Shaved Pork Sandwiches
  • Dinner Baby Back Ribs
  • EP Senior Celebration
  • Weather Sunny, Warm (83), Full Moon Tonight.