The Middle Part

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Why would I choose June Camp over a shorter session… what’s the difference?

We get this question a lot. If a shorter session is good, why go all those extra days? Why spend all that extra money? Bottom line: are those extra days worth the cost?

When asked, we always say YES! The longer the session, the greater the impact. This is not to say a shorter session doesn’t have a big impact, it certainly does. A camper leaving Junior Camp is joyfully more confident, mature, resilient, and thankful. It is a great experience that will pay dividends… but June Camp is way better because of the extra days.

One week of camp is a rushing torrent of excitement and goodwill. We are on our best behavior, engaging without reservation in every class, savoring every bugle, running at every bell. We are carried along by our emotions for a couple of days, then we are told that we will be packing for closing day tomorrow… and another rush of adrenaline lifts us over the hump.

Three weeks of camp gives a more “real life” growth experience. It is a more potent experience with a deeper impact.

  • We experience the first days in a different way. Rather than pure excitement, we also process the reality of three whole weeks away from home (which seems like several years to a child).
  • We drop our “best face”, letting our real personality quirks show and getting on each other’s nerves from time to time.
  • We get tired, don’t jump out of bed when Reveille blows, don’t do our job quickly, and are generally slacker.
  • We learn that we can make a day great even if we don’t initially feel great.
  • We learn to ask and grant forgiveness.
  • We learn to do our very best even when tired.
  • We have to relax… To savor camp.

We have entered the sweet spot of camp. Now is when we:

  • Have our first DMC’s with newfound good friends (the sermon yesterday was on friendship and we have heard LOTS of girls talking about it since).
  • Relax into our daily routines which begin to feel like comfortable old shoes.
  • Celebrate little things like bread and honey.
  • Learn more skills and experience more moments.

The middle week of camp is the best week of camp in my opinion. It often is the week that resonates years later because it touches on core emotions and core character growth. It is marked by wonderful moments and I am glad the girls are entering this week now! It is the creamy center of the Oreo cookie, the secret sauce that makes camp especially great!

The nice weather continues… sunny skies, no chance of rain, warm temperatures, and a nice breeze coming off the lake. After several days that were marked by afternoon showers, the change is welcome! Camp is going great and we are thankful.

Last night’s Council Fire was really good. We met in The Meadow, a lovely spot that feels like it is a long way from camp. We walked silently by the lakeside, past the ropes course, around the bottom of Apple Hill to a grassy tree-lined meadow adjacent to the Green River with a view of the western mountains. As I told the story of Harriet Tubman and connected it Sincerity and Courage, the girls saw how their Honor Code commitment to taking ownership for what I do matters. We then gave awards, LOTS OF AWARDS from the first week. New this year are cabin awards for great attitudes in activities. We watched the sunset, the clouds turn pink, the fireflies rise from the grass at our feet. It was lovely.

Thank you for checking in.

  • Breakfast waffles and sausage
  • Lunch Shepherds Pie
  • Dinner Poppy Seed Chicken Casserole
  • EP Group Night (same activities last time, but rotating stations and substituting movie for trivia games).

PS Check our yesterdays sermon on friendship, it is GREAT!!!

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