Taco Cat Tuesday at Junior Camp

Taco Cat Tuesday IS a thing at Greystone! My brother Jimboy deemed it that when he found a cheap Taco Cat shirt on Amazon. The girls LOVE it and it always brings giggles when they see him wearing it! Today was no exception for as soon as he peeled off his fleece jacket, the girls burst into laughter as he introduced them to his crazy cat shirt. Every morning, for all four sessions, Jimboy does Breakfast Club. Our father started this tradition when he was directing camp in the 70’s, and it continues to be one of our favorite things at camp. He starts with a short inspirational message, followed by a funny story that makes everyone laugh.

You all know that we built our beautiful Fort specifically for the summer of 2021 dining. Even with the recent loosening of restrictions, 700 people in a space where people are close together (the longer sessions in our Dining Hall) is not approved yet. Feeding our Junior Camp population of close to 500 has been an amazing thing to see. Every meal our kitchen prepares something delicious . They then spend an hour packing it all into temperature controled bags. All of the bags are loaded into a trailer at which time Gervais drives the ole’ camp Land Rover through camp, delivering food to the Fort! It is amazing to watch and the girls cheer as it drives up for each meal.

Our Junior Campers are the first to be able to play with all of the new animals at camp! Not only do we have our adorable puppies to cuddle with, we also have our Farm & Garden Chickens, Miniature Donkey, Miniature Horse, Cow, Sheep and Bunnies.

Breakfast was fruit, cereal, oatmeal, pancakes, and link sausage. For lunch we had our famous Cheesy Chicken, roasted broccoli, salad, ranch dressing and sprinkle cookies for dessert.

Challenge Day went well and the Evens squeaked by to win with only a 7 point lead! The competition is not over yet though….the girls will continue to earn points for their teams with Inspection points at clean up and points for trash picked up (we love our campus clean)!!

It is warmer today and the weather is beautiful…another great day at camp! Tonight will be Neighborhood night where the girls will be able to be with their grade groups for some fun but quieter time together. They will come to supper in their PJ’s, and have activities planned. At supper we will celebrate our Junior Camp birthdays with a “Birthday Ball”. Dessert will be a cake that each table will get to decorate and eat together.

We are having a great time at camp. Thanks for letting us have this quality time with your daughters!


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