Saturday Update

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Not that many people read the blog on the weekend… so if you are reading this, THANK YOU! We are grateful for your interest! Most of you are parents of current campers (we assume), some of you are former campers or counselors just checking in, and some of you are fellow camp professionals (we read each others blogs). We are grateful for you all.

The fact is, we love camp! We love everything about camp and try to spread the word any way we can. The blog is a remarkable resource to anyone who is interested enough to read.

  • Parents are given insights to camp which are helpful in the-short term (though emails and letters) and in the year to come (great dinnertime or car conversation topics). We hope you like the pictures too!
  • Alums reconnect with the simple lessons of camp and might be inspired to shine their Great Day Attitudes more brightly.
  • Colleagues might find an interesting new program, menu, or piece of equipment to consider. What works for us might work for them as well… and we hope it does! Camp directors are very supportive of eachother.
  • Prospective Families often read the blog as a part of their camp research… and we think that is amazing. To spend that much time speaks volumes. They understand how important it is to really grasp how the camp mission works itself out in day to day life. The blog is where this subtle reality is best seen.

So while your numbers on the weekend might be few, your impact is great and you are highly valued. Thank You!

I will start with a piece of equipment that we have found to be a great investment… The Ooni Koda Pizza Oven. We got two of these things for outdoor cooking class and they have performed flawlessly. Pizza dough is super easy to make and the 900-degree ovens cook a perfect pizza in about 40 seconds. So much fun!

Next comes the Group Night EP… the last of our Group EP Trifecta (Cupcake wars, Olympics, & Water Wars). Practice makes perfect, and after two programs we were dialed in! The counselors knew exactly how to set up, we had our supplies organized from previous nights, the campers knew what to expect, every detail just worked perfectly. This smoothness was enhanced by the perfect weather. Another glorious sunset, the half-moon brightly reflected in the lake, s’mores roasting over roaring fires… it was really wonderful. A cabin of girls walking up the pagent court ran over to show me their fireflies (each girl had a firefly crawling on her hand). If one flew off it was quickly replaced by gently moving your arm under another… the firefly would grab onto the arm like it was a tree branch. Each bug had a name, the plan was to let them loose in their cabin. I hope it worked out.

Our perfect weather run is coming to a close as we anticipate a tropical depression moving through tomorrow morning. There is a 100% chance of rain for the first part of the day, making for a great sleep late day if one chooses. Unfortunately, it is also Stumblers day and most of the girls will insist on running to get their t-shirt prize. No lightning so no problem. Should be fun and we will have the rest of the day to shower up and enjoy the last Sunday of June Camp.

Today will be fantastic weather (slightly cloudy, warm, no rain expected). The EP (Counselor Hunt) is a camper favorite and will be a huge hit. All EP’s from now on are big deals and will be celebrated in the moment. We can’t wait!

  • Breakfast Veggie Fritata and sausage links
  • Lunch Chicken sandwiches
  • Dinner Meatloaf with mashed potoates
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