Can't Wait

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Hi June Camp!

If you are reading this I am assuming a that you are one of these:

  1. Are excited about coming to camp on Monday! You might be a camper, you might be a parent, you might be a sibling of a camper and are just excited that she is going to be at camp. If this is you… know that we are JUST AS EXCITED as you!!!
  2. Are nervous about coming to camp on Monday. If this is you, know that we completely understand. It has been a strange year, camp is going to be a big change from what some of you have been doing for a very long time (lots of people doing lots of activities). For you we say: DON’T WORRY! It is going to be SO MUCH FUN! Just like riding a bike, easy peasy.
  3. Are a very organized person and want to make sure there are no late breaking details for Opening Day. For you, RELAX… our new system is fast and easy. Just follow the Opening Day instructions (your health log and negative test result printed and in hand).
  4. Are a fanatic who reads ALL GREYSTONE BLOGS… THANK YOU! You are the wind in my sails.

So let’s get going!

We have already accomplished a lot.

  • Just finished the best Junior Camp in our history. Seriously, it was magical… bodes well for the summer to come!
  • Just finished the best Orientation in our history. This group of counselors is particularly special. Each one of them agreed to work at camp NO MATTER WHAT THE CIRCUMSTANCES. Until fully vaccinated, a counselor can not ever leave camp- all summer long! They would have to do lots of inconvenient and annoying things (like masks and staying socially distant) all day long. Fortunately, the vaccines changed those rules, but the point to keep in mind is that they enthusiastically agreed to abide by any rules that were in place… just because they want to be counselors. This makes for a particularly excellent group that has bonded in a particularly excellent way.
  • We have reinvented every aspect of camp (dining, activities, EPs, opening day, closing day, communications, health services)… which makes camp very fresh! Old campers and new campers agree that it is really fun.
  • We built a great building… THE FORT IS AWESOME!!!

We are ready to accomplish a lot more!

  • Junior Camp is fun, but June Camp is MORE FUN. One week just is not long enough for us to get the Greystone Experience in full. Three weeks is going to feel like walking into a banquet feast when we are starving… our eyes are big and we are smiling ear to ear. BRING IT ON!!!
  • Great activities: Metal Jewelry (everyone gets to do it this year!), Glass, Cooking (the pizza class is amazing), Pickleball (a new favorite with the counselors), Waterpark (new elements are amazing, and the giant slide has been re-engineered to be super fast!), High Adventure, Ropes, Farm & Garden… the list goes on and on. Honestly, we think you are going to be blown away!
  • Food… eating in the FORT is so relaxing! It is very comfortable and very unifying. It was a big deal for us to build such a nice place with so little time, but we think it was worth it. You will be blown away!

So drive safely. If you have any questions, just ask. We can’t wait to see you on Monday!