Sunday at Junior Camp

We had such fun at our Counselor Talent Show last night! The girls laughed and danced as their cabin counselors performed for their campers. Our Junior Campers were the first to be able to use the beautiful new outdoor stage at the Shepherds Gazebo. It really was a very special night!

It was also a very chilly night! As happens in the mountains of North Carolina, the tempratures have fallen over the past two days…but that never stops the fun at Greystone! We are making sure that your girls are warm and cozy and all are being taken care of if extra blankets or clothing is needed. However it is amazing to me that they still want to swim and so with classes this morning, Waterpark was still a huge hit!

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We have been hearing from some of our parents about pictures of campers wearing masks in this first 24 hours at camp. We started off the session carefully as the girls wore masks up to their cabins where they then were able to take masks off while with their families. Our camper group was complete at 8 PM and we have a healthy camp in progress!

The girls have been reminded several times that they do not need to mask up in classes or with family time together. Some of them are very comfortable in the masks and many just do not want to lose them if needed. Plus with this chilly weather I think that they provided warmth!!

Masks were required when entering into our FORT for meals. However with new CDC guidelines released on the day we opened Junior Camp, we now feel that we can drop that part completely and will now be asking the girls to store their masks in their backpacks. They will use them only in mass crowd gatherings in which they can not distance, and luckily most all of our events we have plenty of room to distance! We are so excited with every lifting of these restrictions!

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FOOD: Our food is always wonderful at camp and this year is no exception! Breakfast was cereal, fruit, grits, ham, apples and homemade biscuits! Lunch was a Chicken Casserole, brown rice, salad, roasted broccoli, bread (with honey…a camp favorite) and brownies for dessert.

Our Evening Program tonight is Cabin Lip Sync so each of your girls will have fun performing on our new Greystone outdoor stage! These skits will be extremely entertaining!

I just heard the bugle for flag, so all of the girls are coming to the Pageant Court to bring the flag down for the evening. Then on to dinner…can’t wait to see what we will have tonight!

It will be chilly again tonight…the counselors will put the shades down in the cabin and the girls will dress warmly for bed. It will be another cozy night at camp!

Thanks for checking in. I will write more tomorrow!