Opening Day Junior Camp 2021

Welcome, Junior Campers!! What an amazing Opening Day….this was the BEST and most efficent check-in in Greystone’s history!!! The weather was perfect, and we loved seeing all of our sweet campers exit cars as they made the easy transition into camp life. Thank you parents for all of your prepration in doing exactly what we asked with testing and forms. You did it perfectly! We thank you for starting off our first session of 2021 so well…it is going to be a GREAT week!

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For those of you who are new to Greystone, this is our daily Blog. During each session at Greystone we publish an afternoon Blog that tells you what we are doing in camp…the delicious food we are eating,the fun activities that are going on and special events we celebrate. We will also report on the weather and daily activities. It is a great way to keep in touch with the fast pace of camp life! If you have not signed up for the blog yet, do so today and you will automatically get it delivered to your inbox.

The girls have settled in so well! We just finished a delicious picnic lunch - homemade bread sliced for sandwiches, smoked turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, and pasta salad. They are now in their cabins for Rest Hour…they are getting to know each other, meeting their Group Leaders and will then take a rest. After Rest Hour, the girls will head to the Pageant Court for an Opening Day Assembly. They will meet the Head Staff and learn all about the activities for the week.

After Assembly, the whole camp will enjoy a Scavanger Hunt. This is a great way to learn where everything is in camp. Tonight we will have our first meal together in our brand new FORT! We have been enjoying this beautiful dining area during Orientation. It is SO special!!

After dinner, we will have our Counselor Talent Show…always a favorite. The girls will sit on the Pageant Court and enjoy seeing their counselors on the stage.

Thank you for sharing your girls with us! We can’t tell you how happy we are to have them here. It’s going to be the BEST weeK!