Monday at Junior Camp

This is probably my favorite time during a session. The girls have arrived, have had their first day of classes, enjoyed several meals in camp and are well adjusted. They are precious….and having SO much fun!!

I love how they will turn any gathering into a dance party, and last night was the perfect time to for them to show off their skills on our outdoor stage. Each cabin performed….their costumes were very entertaining!!

We had another chilly night, but we are not hearing complaints from the girls. It is warm during the days and has been sunny most of the time. We have not had any rain and are not expecting any until possibly Thursday, but in the mountains afternoon showers are a common thing in the summer. It has been perfect camping weather!

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For dinner last night we had Taco’s in a Bag, which is a camp favorite. For Breakfast, cereal, oatmeal, eggs, bacon, fruit and potatoes, and lunch was Hamburgers & fries with Oreo Pie for dessert!

Tonight is our Challenge Night…a friendly evening of fun games to earn points for the Green or Gold team. Every morning and evening the girls “clean” their cabins for inspection. Today they can earn double points for their teams by having extra clean cabins! Of course one of their favorite parts about challenge day is dressing up in green and gold…they glitter and sparkle. Dress up is always fun at camp!

Hope you all are enjoying the wonderful pictures that our photographers are posting every day. I love seeing the girls in activities and at programs.

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The girls have just finished up Challenge night and they are very tired after an evening of fun and games. Taps just blew….it is a beautiful night and is going to be a little warmer than the last 2 nights!

Thanks for sharing your beautiful girls with us…we are having a great time!