Where Does the Sunday Offering Go?

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Why do we collect an offering at camp? It is a great question, but one that would not have been even considered by previous generations who made weekly offerings without a thought. Those campers and counselors would have been surprised if we didn’t collect an offering, but these days it is a question that arises from many. We welcome the question and hope you will be encouraged by learning more about our offering program and those who are blessed by these gifts.

Greystone has always been a privately owned camp. As such, it reflects the traditional Christian worldview of the Sevier family. This is evident in many little details of the camp experience, especially the Sunday worship service. The Bible has a lot to say about worship, a fact that Dr. Sevier knew very well (he was a prominent minister in the Presbyterian church).

From the beginning, one day of the week is to be set apart to be a day of worship. We center this day around a wonderful church service where the campers and counselors are the congregation. This is a time to focus on, honor, and glorify God. It included all aspects of worship (singing, prayer, offerings, sermon) done to the highest standards… Dr. Sevier intended to honor God and give Him all the glory during Sunday worship service. We make camp church excellent in every way and keep all aspects of traditional worship so that we might honor and glorify God.

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Offerings are a part of worship, it is a way of honoring God in a very physical way. The government insists on being honored with our possessions (sales, income, and property taxes that are used to run our country) and God insists on the same thing (but God makes it optional… try that with your tax bill!). The percentage is not important but our attitudes matter greatly. Honor God by giving Him a portion of what you have as an expression of a respectful and real relationship with The Father. When we share from what we have been given, He is glorified.

At Greystone, these gifts are used to glorify God not only in our community but around the world. It is the privilege of the Honor Council to carefully choose the recipients every year.

For this year they chose to support ten people and one organization. The people are connected to three groups: Reformed University Fellowship,, World Vision, and Compassion International. The organization is The Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center, at Duke University (In memory of Lillie Cowan, one of our campers who lost her battle with cancer this year).

With RUF we chose to support two ministers who served our camp last summer: Reid Jones (who worked during Main Camp and is a minister to the students at Clemson) and John Bourgeois (who worked during June Camp and is a minister to the students at Wake Forest). Both of these ministers were a blessing to the camp community and we know that God is blessing their ministries and honored by our support.

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Greystone Girls supported 4 children through both World Vision and Compassion International (with monthly support, birthday, and Christmas gifts). I write each child several times each year, letting them know that the campers and counselors at Greystone love them and are praying for them. The children and ministers are all touched by the expression of support and we pray that God is glorified in these gifts of love.

The Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center provides support to the families and patients who are struggling with brain cancer. The Cowan family was blessed by this organization and their oldest daughter Isabelle (a member of the Honor Council) suggested the gift. We hope that other children and other families will continue to be blessed by this organization for years to come and pray that this terrible disease will soon be conquered.

We encourage you to live lives marked by generosity and the love of Christ as you find individuals and organizations to support in your life. It is a wonderful thing to do as a family and very rewarding to do individually. Most of all, give God the glory as you make your gifts in Jesus name. It is a very important part of making every day a GREAT DAY!

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