Stargazing Fun

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Come experience a night of Stargazing…Greystone-style!

Nothing screams “summer nights” like staying up late, chasing some fireflies, roasting a marshmallow, and looking at the stars. Add in a tent, and you’ve got the true Greystone Stargazing experience.

No matter where you are, you can explore the stars with us. Tonight, we encourage Greystone girls (and parents and alums and staff) to join us outside. Just think about it…at the same time all across the country, the Greystone community will be looking at the same stars together. Our big, extended camp family can all experience God’s creation tonight in different ways - how cool!

What do you need for stargazing? A whole bunch of nothing! But, to “up” your stargazing experience, we are providing tips and pointers to make your night the best (see the link below). We even have some suggestions for some fun star activities you can complete as you prepare for tonight.

So, Greystone girls, will you join us as we experience God’s nighttime sky creation together? We will be looking at the stars tonight - the exact same ones as you!

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