Sleep Late Friday With Us!

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Tomorrow we are celebrating one of camp’s BEST traditions: Sleep Late Friday. So of course, we had to tell you about it today! Our guess is that many of you have been enjoying quite a few Sleep Late Fridays this summer, but tomorrow we will officially observe this great day.

My camp friend Hayes came up with the Sleep Late Friday idea many years ago, and then Laura really ran with it to make it what it is today. A big “hip hip hooray” to these two camp geniuses for bringing this new-ish tradition to camp.

My question is: how do you add a special occassion to the National Holiday list? If there can be a “Hot Dog Day,” then there most definitely needs to be a “Sleep Late Friday Day”…it was made for celebrating.

So here are the details on how to Sleep Late at home:

Set your clock (or maybe don’t): At camp, we sleep until 8:30 a.m., so you want to make sure you don’t get up until then. Even better when you are celebrating this great day at home? Don’t set your clock at all!

Put on some awesome pajamas: The morning of Sleep Late Friday requires you to wear pajamas all morning, so find an oversized shirt or a cute pair of PJs so you are all set. Have slippers? This is the day to pull those out!

Eat breakfast in your room: We eat on the floor of our cabins picnic-style when we Sleep Late at camp, so keep the tradition alive by eating on the floor of your room. Even better, try breakfast in bed. (And even better than that, convince your younger brother to bring it to you.)

Enjoy a sugary treat: On Sleep Late Fridays, we often enjoy some sugar cereal. Remember, it’s an occasion for celebration, so sugar cereal is a must! Or, if donuts are more your style, today is the day. Looking for something less sugary? Try one of our camp faves, like sausage biscuits.

Reach out to some camp friends: Enjoying Sleep Late Friday in your room is great, but it’s even better if you can share it with some camp friends. FaceTime or Zoom with some pals - you can picnic together!

Who’s planning to join us tomorrow for the big day? We hope all of you will Sleep Late with us!

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