Main Camp Closing Day

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Every day, without fail, Margaret and I spend a few minutes talking about what WOULD have been happening if we had opened camp as normal this summer.

It is always a wistful moment, for we know that if you had been here it would have been an amazing summer. So at this point in the summer, let me tell you about what camp would have been like if we had been able to open.

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First… you would have LOVED the weather. It has been exceptionally dry (very few afternoon showers, not a single rain day!). We had the full range of temperatures (cool mornings, hot afternoons, sometimes humid, sometimes not). With weather like this we would have run the program exactly as we wanted, and you would have LOVED IT!!!

Second… you would have LOVED the counselors. Interest in Greystone is at an all time high coming off our 100th anniversary celebration summer. This interest translates into a very large number of returning staff and old Greystone Girls deciding to contribute as a counselor for the first time. With so many summer programs cancelled, our staff got bigger and bigger… better and better… they would have been amazing!

Third… you would have absolutely loved the many moments that God just plopped in front of you! The 4th of July full moon rising just as the fireworks started (it was a stunning moment); the first cicada singing out last week (they will live for two weeks then not arise again for 17 years!); the sticky heat of Watersports Day; the cool breeze on Challenge Day; the Sunday concerts by the lake; the dance parties; the DMC’s, shop dates, devotions… EVERYTHING!!! God blesses this place through the details, each moment adding to the splendor of the whole.

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Remember to be thankful in ALL circumstances. We do not know what God is doing in this pandemic, but we can be sure that He is working His plan and that His plans always are good. We can rest in the certain knowledge that He loves us and promises to be with us always.

So wake up each morning with the confidence that it is going to be a Great Day… shine the light of love everywhere you go… we are proud to call you Greystone Girls.

Now it is time to get excited about next summer! In 100 years we have NEVER had two years to prepare for camp… can you imagine how great it is going to be? We have never been separated from each other for two years… can you imagine how joyous the reunions will be?

It is going to be spectacular and special beyond your wildest dreams. We’ll see you there!