Corn Roast at Home

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Every summer, our campers anticipate Corn Roast for many reasons. First, it sits in the dead middle of camp, marking the “half-way” point of the 5-week summer…it’s a golden time! Second, it is the chill everyone needs at just the right moment. While we like to have structure at camp, this night is all about hanging and relaxing. And finally, it is just plain fun - with some recent updates to the event, it provides a little something for everyone.

Corn Roast is a “new-ish” tradition at camp in some ways but dates back to the 1970s. The event really took off in the 1990s when a bluegrass element was added (everyone loves live music!), and campers have loved the tradition ever since. Alums, if you’re reading this, jump in with us to relive your Corn Roast glory days in your own home!

So, how can you celebrate Corn Roast at home with your friends and family? We are here to get you ready!

  1. Find the correct attire: As we always have Corn Roast on a Wednesday, pull out a Wildlife Wednesday shirt to make for an easy Corn Roast costume. Or, find your overalls, corn shirt, cowboy boots, and bandanas to make your outfit really “sing.” Bonus points for adding freckles to your face.
  2. Set the mood with some music: While the Corn Roast had a Bluegrass element for many years, recently our new favorite band The Business plays more upbeat, dance-able songs that are perfect for dancing or singing. If you are looking to go more traditional, find some bluegrass music to play (try out this Bluegrass Spotify channel). If you’re wanting something more modern, try out music from our 2020 dance playlist.
  3. Eat the right food: To make it easy on yourself, order some take-out tonight! BBQ is what you’re going for. Bonus points if you order pulled pork, ribs, brisket, and turkey/chicken legs just for yourself…it’s a meat feast! Add in some corn on the cob, slaw, baked beans, and fresh watermelon, and it will practically feel like you are eating at camp. We are also celebrating our Wiener Dog Social today, so if all else fails, eat a hot dog with some tasty toppings to have a true camp meal.
  4. Play a carnival game: Our newest addition of the County Fair makes playing a ridiculous, cheesy game top of your priority list. You don’t need many supplies to pull off the Potty Toss (toss that precious toilet paper in a laundry basket from across the hall), Seed Spitting (save those watermelon seeds and spit them in a bowl), or Marshmallow Eating (tie a marshmallow in the middle of a long string, put each end in two different mouths, and without using your hands, “eat” your string to see who can get to the marshmallow first - alums should remember this classic!). With just a little creativity, you can have your own County Fair at home.
  5. Enjoy a popsicle or candy treat to top off the night: There’s nothing quite like the moment when “Shoppe Cart” arrives with your late night dessert. Want to really re-create it? Have a parent drive down the street and toss dessert out the window of his/her car on to your front lawn. Even better, take Shoppe Cart on the road and treat your friends in your neighborhood with some candy tossing fun!
  6. End with Amazing Grace: Kat Williams always ended our Corn Roast by singing Amazing Grace gospel-style, and we encourage you to end the night this way as well. Try playing this gospel version, close your eyes, and pretend you are down at the Blob Dock with your friends.

Nothing is going to compare to Corn Roast at camp, but make a fun night of it with your friends and family at home. The corny-er, the better (bada bing, bada boom).

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