June Camp Closing Day

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My goodness, has three weeks already passed?

Every day I woke up very early in the morning (about 5:30 to be precise), just like a “regular” summer. I go outside before the sun is up and breath deeply, delighting in the smell of mulch and pine straw and noticing the temperature (which has been surprisingly cool this year). I walk down the hill to the office, taking a meandering path through the tentalows and across the pageant court. All the while I am thinking of you and how much I wish you were here.

We all notice your absence, especially when the sun is high and the lake is glistening (perfect water park weather), when an afternoon thunderstorm rolls through the valley (perfect for snuggling under the blankets or playing card games in the cabin), and when the sun is setting and turning the sky a vivid pink and purple as the crickets and frogs fill the air with their lovely voices. Each moment is poignant because we are not sharing them with you. Each day is “wrong” because you aren’t here.

Camp is not camp when you are gone. The ONLY thing on our mind now is to get you back where you belong; piled into your cabins, singing songs in the dining hall, dancing in the pavilion, jumping on the blob, and flying through the air on the zip line. It will be a joyous reunion when you return, we are literally counting the days!

In the meantime, thank you for staying connected to camp. Thank you for growing in the four-fold way. Thank you for keeping in touch with your camp friends, for following our Instagram, watching our videos, reading our devotions, making our recipes, and for being our first-ever “virtual Greystone Girls”. We love you and we miss you very much.

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Keep safely the memories that we share from this strange summer. They represent, quite literally, one in a hundred experiences! Hopefully, they will not be duplicated for another 100 years!

You are the best campers in the world, no matter where you are, and we can not wait to have you back at Greystone next year for what promises to be a joyous reunion and our BEST SUMMER EVER! We love you!!!