Little Known Facts about Your Favorite Camp Horses

I think some of the biggest misunderstandings with horses come from when we try to project our own feelings and communication styles on them - they just communicate differently than we do!

This does not mean horses are unintelligent. God made horses minds to work perfectly in the world he created for them. We are the ones that fall short in communicating with them, and that is what horsemanship is all about. The more time you spend with horses the more you understand their worlds and how they communicate, and boy do they have things to say!

Did you know the big bay horse, Finnegan, is the class clown? Or that Hugo is constantly looking for mischief? Josie, the huge Clydesdale cross, is actually natured like a sweet little girl that knows what to do but needs lots of encouragement because she’s afraid she’ll mess up. For every horse you see, there is a unique personality that compliments its basic nature. It is our responsibility to glean from each that which makes them who they are and how they will respond to us.

All horses are unique and have a mystique that draws us to them. Their distinctive natures and varying traits mean they are never boring! Here are just a few interesting and fun personality facts and traits of your favorite camp horses - which of these did you know about?


Finn and hose.jpg?ixlib=rails 2.1

Finn is every rider’s favorite, from the very smallest beginner to our advanced riders picking a mount for the camp Horse Show.

He loves getting wet whether it is a LONG cold shower on a hot day or swimming with or without a rider!

Chuck and finn swim.jpg?ixlib=rails 2.1


Clifford with mask.jpg?ixlib=rails 2.1

Clifford is our favorite big red pony and he has many quirks!

Ever wonder why he is always decked out in a complete face mask? He hates anything that touches his nose whether it is bugs or rain.

Anytime you are working around him that nose is a wiggling!


Hugo paw.jpg?ixlib=rails 2.1

Hugo acts like a toddler even though he is 16 years old (which is middle age for a horse.)

He never misses a chance to come play with whoever is in the Mule.

He loves messing around with the other horses. Sometimes he even leads his buddies in for breakfast!

DaVinci and Phantom

Did you know that over their lifetime grey horses change colors? DaVinci and Phantom both started out with darker colors - check it out!

Ella and Dolly

Everyone thinks that the two Fjords, Ella and Dolly, are twins but actually they are sisters. Dolly is one year older than Ella. Fjord’s mane have a special color combination: the center of the mane is dark while the outer hair is a light color. At Thunderhead, getting a chance to design their mane is especially fun for riders.

Tess, Jerry, and Raindrop

Tess and Jerry, two favorites at Thunderhead, are best buddies. They never stray far from one another even when we are in the river playing. Tess never misses an opportunity for a good roll when campers are cooling her off.

Our resident unicorn, Raindrop, is the smallest in the barn but you would never know that when she is out in the pasture. She will boss anyone around even if they are ten times bigger!