Light Your Greystone Candle This Christmas

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One of our favorite (and most meaningful) camp traditions is our Vespers service. This “ceremony of light” is our way of helping the campers to understand that they each carry a light inside of them that can shine brightly. When we are all shining brightly in camp or out in the world, we are a powerful source of light together for all to see!

At the end of our Vespers ceremony, campers take their candle home, and we encourage the girls to light their candle at Christmas time. Campers, this is your reminder - pull out that candle tonight or tomorrow as you celebrate this Christmas season! (And alums, time to find your candle in your camp shoebox - I bet many of you still have yours!)

A few years ago, my Bible Study leader recommended we each create a similar type of ceremony at home with our families over the Christmas season. She suggested going outside when it is dark (or turning all of the lights off in the kitchen if the weather isn’t good), and giving each family member a candle. Have the first person light his or her candle and read a verse, then pass the light to the next person who reads a verse, and so on.

During the craziness of the holiday, this tradition has been a great reminder to our family about the importance of the true light coming into the world and how that light shines within each of us! I highly recommend trying this with your family tonight. We use candles that are similar to the ones we use at camp, but for this year, just use some candles you have in your house - it really doesn’t matter.

As part of our Camp Connection Vespers service this past summer, we shared the verses that our family reads, so check out that document below to use as your guide.

Merry Christmas Greystone girls, and may your holiday be filled with light!