Staff Blog: 10 Things Your Counselor Wants You to Remember this Month

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Winter is cold, long, and camp seems like AGES away. The excitement of Christmas time has passed, school is starting again, and it’s too cold to break out the Chacos. The promise that the 101st summer will be the best seems far out of reach.

When you are feeling low and missing camp, these are the 10 things your counselor wants you to remember!

  1. You are the coolest. I talk about you ALL. THE. TIME. My school friends are sick of my camp talk. All I say is “oh my campers LOVED this song!” or “One time my cabin…” or “high adventure is the best thing ever I wish y’all understood…” I love and miss you all!!
  2. ~Keep Safely~ the friendships. The people you meet at camp are special. Camp friends have a bond that doesn’t break. Why? It is grounded in God! I cherish my camp friends more than anything. So keep them around! They are the best friends out there. Email, write, text, call them TODAY!
  3. Don’t be afraid of looking silly. Trust me here: I look sillier. Camp is a place where you can be YOURSELF (just ask my campers- I sing until it drives them crazy, fling myself on the floor while screaming, and make up the weirdest activities and games). Be confident in the fact that your Father, your counselor, and the girls around you love you for YOU. Take that perfect version of yourself that you are at camp, and show it off to the real world! Camp weird is the new cool :)
  4. It is SO okay to feel lonely. At camp you are constantly surrounded by people. Like absolutely no privacy or alone time at any point. When you do feel lonely- you convince yourself that you’re the only one. BUT that is the reality of life- everyone, and I mean EVERYONE- feels lonely or left out sometimes. I do (as a counselor) all the time!! So be open to making new friends, broadening your circle, and always be the one that includes the girl that looks lonely.
  5. Everyday can be a great day! I know just as well as you do that school or work or home life is not nearly as fun as camp. Take your spunky personality, good attitude, and joy in the Lord and bring it home! Have a dance party on the kitchen chairs, make up a skit with your friends, and find a community that makes you happy. Start a new devotion with your friends or ask a camp friend to be a prayer partner.
  6. NO ONE is better than you. NEVER let anyone make you feel lesser than. Camp is a place that makes you feel like you belong, but even there, everyone struggles with comparison. God made you to be YOU and not anyone else. Be happy with who he made you to be, because you couldn’t be any more perfect to me.
  7. God has the BEST plan for you. Being a counselor gives me the greatest opportunity to get to see your gifts and talents all summer. I see the way you love your friends, what you’re good at, and what makes you happy. I am confident that God is using YOU to better His kingdom, and I can’t wait to watch you grow into the wonderful woman He made you to be!
  8. Be grateful for every day. Camp Greystone is a true gift. And it won’t last forever. Be grateful for the time you have with your sweet people. Please tell the person that sends you to camp “thank you.” Be thankful for the gifts and skills you learned at camp because camp changes lives. It brings people to Jesus and is the reason that I am who I am today. Soak it all up!
  9. You are loved. Beyond measure, recklessly, fully, and unconditionally. The goodness of camp is a gift from God that shows how much He loves you! You are special, important, cherished, and so deeply loved by your camp friends, your counselors, and your AMAZING God.
  10. I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU!!! Only 146 days until the best summer ever! Get ready! I am going to give you the BIGGEST squeeze! I love you SO MUCH :)
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