Tuesday Update

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Last night was AMAZING!!! The Centennial Celebration/Birthday Ball was fun, the Talent Show a big hit, and the fireworks show a jaw dropping moment. At one point fireworks were quite literally “dancing” on the surface of the lake! Under the light of a crescent moon! It was amazing! The best fireworks show this the summer, hands down. The best fireworks show in Greystone history… really fantastic! Tonights Production Night will be another crowd pleaser: dance, drama, music, cheerleading, guitar, jump rope, and juggling classes will perform routines. It will be a celebration of accomplishment and a great show.

At Breakfast Club this morning I talked about my mother’s love of Jesus. Mama was one of those people whose love for Jesus was the most important thing in her life. She loved Him as a young girl (from her earliest memories she dreamed of one day sitting on Jesus’ knee and hearing Him speak). She loved him even more as she grew older. She dreamed of being able to see Him and able to talk with Him. She spoke of Him with great delight until the day she died. That is why we talk about Spiritual growth with these young girls. It is an important part of a good life.

You might have thought it surprising that we spend time teaching abstract concepts at camp. We teach such things because we think that camp should be a place of life enhancing character development. Such things are enhanced by “connecting the dots” of life. We are happier and more connected with our friends and family when we grow in the four fold way. Social, Physical, Mental, and Spiritual growth are all part of a well rounded life. Camp is a place of intentional growth. Campers listen attentively and take our suggestions seriously, especially as they get older.

While we talk about God at camp (morning assembly devotions and nightly cabin devotions), we are not a “Church Camp”. We just provide the components of a “perfect day” and a perfect day always includes Jesus! We pray that all the details combine to glorify God.

  • Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs, Grits, Bacon
  • Lunch: Pan Fried Chicken with Mashed Potatoes
  • Dinner: Cheese Ravioli

Thank you for reading.


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