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We offer our August campers 64 activity choices and they have to decide which 7 they will take. It is a “no lose” situation for every class is really awesome! We hope they are taking some classes that are completely new and outside of their comfort zone.

One of the things that our Main camp campers RAVE about is how much they love taking new activities every summer. They always add in several new activities “just to see what it is like” because those classes are often the most surprisingly fun. Tap Dance, juggling, metal jewelry, Fusing, print making, lacrosse, field hockey, kayaking, yoga, zumba, hip hop, climbing, knitting, diving, sewing… the list of unusual classes is quite astounding. Each one is taught by really fun counselors who are passionate about their class and inspire a passion with the girls. These skills leave an impression long after camp is over.

We “stir up the gift of God” when at camp and activities are often a part of that process. The counselors delight in seeing this growth in August Camp, where so many of the girls are new to Greystone. Some of the skills they are learning this week will be enjoyed for a lifetime… it is very exciting to see that flash of delight when a skill clicks, when a girl discovers her hidden talent. We love it!

Skills, however, are not why camp is great. The most important reasons we love camp are less “concrete”. They are found in the growth that comes from living in harmony with a community of love. The confidence that shines on banquet day. The maturity you will see on closing day. These areas of growth become foundational character traits for the important years that are just around the corner. Camp is a great experience for any child!

  • Weather is overcast today, chance of showers this afternoon. Very comfortable temperatures (highs in the low 80’s)… perfect!
  • Breakfast Ham and Cheese Bagels (a camper favorite)
  • Lunch Shepherds Pie
  • Dinner Poppy Seed Chicken
  • EP Counselor Talent Show (a camper favorite)

Last night’s team fires were a ton of fun. The girls loved every minute of the evening spent outside cheering each other on, playing relay games, watching their counselors compete in silly competitions, and singing the traditional team songs. The very definition of good camp fun!

Thank you for checking in.

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