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Wednesday is known as “Hump Day” for good reason. The middle of the week is usually very productive as we bear down and knock out various projects preparation for the upcoming weekend. During my college days, Wednesdays were always the most intense… most of my friends arranged their schedule to finish most of their work by Thursday afternoon… so Wednesdays were always important.

In a broader sense we are now in our “Wednesday” time of Main Camp. That time of camp when we buckle down to pass levels, memorize lines, do the hard work on art projects, and spend significant moments with friends. Time is getting short, so it is time to buckle down. But first, we like to savor the lazy days of summer that are drawing to a close. Time to enjoy a relaxed evening by the lake. Time for Corn Roast!

This is a tradition that grew out of my father’s fascination with native american culture. He learned about cooking corn on hot rocks that line a giant hole in the ground. It involved several days of work (dig the hole, line it with rocks, build a bon fire inside the hole, keep the fire burning for at least 12 hours, scoop the coals out, fill the pit with corn on the cob that is soaked in water, cover the corn with a couple feet of dirt, wait 6 hours, uncover and eat). Obviously, it is a lot of work for a little corn… but it was good! We duplicate the process by roasting local corn in an oven (still really good), add in some wonderful smoked meats, lots of watermelon and pasta salad, top it off with root beer from a keg and live music while we dance the day away.

It really is a wonderful night, one of our favorites! For this reason we invite our “skip year” girls to visit as a group if they like. About 40 campers who are about to go off to college are able to get a little taste of the bubble that they have been missing (many came to camp for 10 plus years, so this is the first summer they have not been at camp since they were very young). It is beautiful to see them celebrate their love of camp with this little overnight. We set them up in a luxury lake house next to camp and invite them to Corn Roast and Breakfast Club. Short and very, very Sweet.

Overcast skies, warm temperatures, chance of rain… more of the same. Hoping the scattered showers don’t mess with the Corn Roast, but not too worried. We’ll have fun no matter what!

  • Breakfast: Waffles
  • Joke: Hambush
  • Lunch: Ham and Cheese Sandwiches
  • Dinner/EP: Corn Roast!

Have a Great Day

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