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It’s Tuesday, overcast skies, mild temperatures, scattered showers this afternoon (again). Summer continues and we are loving it.

Rafting trips are going out today, tomorrow, and then next Monday. Taking about 100 girls out of camp every day has a profound effect. We have been spending 24 hours a day together for week after week, so we notice when somebody is on a hiking trip (yesterday 14 girls visited the Triple Falls at Dupont Park) or at Thunderhead (8 girls are there twice a day). But we REALLY notice it when a large group leaves camp for a special event like rafting. The Rafting Day change is exciting for everyone- the girls who love their adventure and the girls that stay enjoy the relaxed feel of an “empty” camp. But when the last bus returns, there is always a collective sigh of contentment as the entire community settles back into the bubble.

We do not take many trips out of camp. “Back in the day” it was very different… canoeing, kayaking, hiking, rock climbing, and trail riding overnight trips were a big part of the program (particularly during this 3rd week of camp). The girls loved it and we were happy to provide such wonderful experiences in such a beautiful part of the country. Over time, the popularity declined… campers would sign up for trips then drop out at the last minute. We found trips that used to have 12 campers now leaving camp with 4 campers. We also found that girls who took trips were not returning in very large numbers (my guess is that once they took the trip they were ready to move on). So we adapted, and the girls prefer it.

The simplicity of camp can be tweaked (add in Thunderhead, day hikes, rafting) but not disturbed by missed EP’s or cabin devotions. We are in a good place for the campers… but I expect a tripping program will return to Greystone one day.

It takes a long time for camp to change, but we certainly do change. Camp today is very different in some ways from “the good old days”, but ask any camper and they will talk of camp with the same enthusiasm and passion as the campers of any generation. As we enter our second century, know that our goal will remain to provide the best camp anywhere, for the glory of God.

  • Breakfast: Breakfast Casserole
  • Lunch: Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches
  • Dinner: Chicken Enchilada’s
  • EP: Dance Battle

The Dance Battle will be an awesome event… the teams who will perform are ready to lay it all on the line for an amazing prize package and the honor of the trophy. Should be fun!

Week 2 Video

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