The Finish Line

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This is the finish line. The curtain is about to drop on our best session ever and most of us can not believe it is over. Today is an especially emotional roller coaster, a savory cauldron of good things.

  • Joy— the girls are literally bouncing off the walls with excitement. The dining hall is painfully loud and appears more like a cocktail party with all the girls walking about visiting friends. Free time finds every cabin full, the bluetooth speaker at full volume playing favorite songs that inspire non-stop dancing by camper and counselor alike. This is a joyful day.
  • Sadness— no getting around it, the girls are sad. Tears rise quickly if given opportunity. The wave of sadness passes and is replaced with embarrassed laughter as we wipe away the tears with appreciation. We acknowledge what is happening in our hearts and welcome the pangs as a good thing.
  • Gratitude— with less than 24 hours left, every person in camp (me included) notices each detail of camp with a grateful heart.
  • Anticipation— the girls can’t wait to see you again. As much as we wish camp could go on and on, there is no place like home.

Some thoughts/suggestions for tomorrow’s pick up:

  • Come early, but not too early. 8:00 to 9:00 AM is perfect. We will have the luggage waiting at the track and will help you carry things to the car, but if you come before 8:00 it is likely to be a bit confusing as the bags make their way from the cabin.

  • Double Check your bags… we tag each bag with camper name and the number of bags she has. Many bags look the same, the name is the only way you are sure. Often you will have more bags on closing day than opening day… you think you got everything, but there is more. Counting bags before you close the hatch is a smart move. Don’t forget the laundry bag… this is the biggest luggage issue we have on closing day. Nothing like getting a box of dirty laundry delivered a week after camp closed.

  • Cell Phones… I wish the girls would wait to check their phones, giving time for you to talk without distraction… but that is perhaps not reasonable. If possible, I suggest making a deal… ask for 30 minutes of undistracted time. Absent that, chat away with the hope that she will be drawn into a real conversation. She is good at talking, once she gets started the stories will come in a torrent. These drives home are precious. ENJOY!

  • Tears… we have been crying a lot. I have been through this many times (my daughters went into a kind of depression for several days after camp every year). This is a cathartic release that is necessary and healthy. It is possible this stage will last a few days after camp ends… give her time to process the feelings. Soon the tears will end and be replaced by huge smiles and confusing stories that make you laugh even though you don’t know exactly what she is saying. In time, you will understand more fully. When there is a cabin reunion, try to have it at your house… so much fun.

Thank you for sharing your girls.

Thank you for being a part of Main Camp. It has been a fitting Centennial Celebration! Allowing your girls to spend their summer at camp is a blessing to the world. I believe that camp makes them better people, equips them with incredible social skills, builds confidence, inspires patience, kindness, and developes resilience.

We are honored to be a part of your family.

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Congratulations to Nell Covington who defeated Lilly Cambias in the Tennis Tournament Championship (6-1, 6-0). This is Nell’s 4th consecutive Greystone Championship… Well Done!

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