Sunday #3

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Time passes quickly at camp. We squeeze more activities into our mornings that most people do in an entire week… add in the afternoon classes and evening programs, sprinkle in some really spectacular meals and inspirational moments; our days are exceptionally full and therefore pass very quickly. That is why “theme days” work so well at camp (my theory at least)… “Maui Monday”, ’Wildlife Wednesday” become ways of remembering what day of the week it is.

So when we gather for our third Stumblers, it is with a sense of amazement. Amazed that a week has already gone by. Amazed to think that in ten days we will have Closing Vespers.

Sundays provide a chance to “process” the week that has passed. We look back and our first thoughts go to “Do Nothing” Day, the Birthday Ball, Talent Show, Dance Battle, Movie Night, Corn Roast, Council Fire, rainy afternoons, sunny mornings, Singing in the pit, Dancing in the Dining Room… it all fills our hearts with a sense of well being.

As we gathered on the track we noticed the cool air (it was about 70 degrees, breezy, super nice), the slightly overcast skies, the birds singing in the early morning light. A quick look at the forecast shows a consistant pattern of warm days (80’s) cool nights (60’s) and afternoon showers (60%). This is North Carolina in July… why we love it here!

Apologies for my photos this morning… not very many, the composition was uninspired, and they were not exposed correctly. Will get the problem fixed soon!

Thank you for checking in. Blessings on this beautiful Sunday.