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I love to make pasta, and I don’t mean putting a bag of spaghetti in water! I mean breaking an egg into a pile of flour, mixing it with a fork, kneeding it by hand, rolling it out with a fancy machine, cutting into the right shape, then boiling it for about 30 seconds. Silky smooth… deeply satisfying food.

Anyone who makes pasta for the first time is amazed at the simplicity… and how easy it is to mess up. Simple but requiring experience to come out right. It took many bad batches before I got it… but from then on, easy as pie. Bread is the same way: 4 ingredients (flour, salt, yeast, and water) that come together to make something sublime IF you know what you are doing. Many great recipes are like this… based on three ingredients that combine beautifully.

Camp is amazingly simple… I’m going to tell you the secret. Pack a lot of nice people together and gives them fun things to do for a long time. Here is the formula: People + Fun + Time = Camp.

Greystone adds the “secret ingredient” of the Holy Spirit, who makes sure our hearts are able to take it all in. Every day, when taps blows and we snuggle into our cots with a little shiver of delight, we experience the deep satisfaction of another perfect day.

So we had a great Senior Celebration last night. Two solid hours in which these leaders of camp were seen in all their glory. Their love for eachother was compelling, their talents were delightful, and the setting was lovely. It was a great night and the post celebration party lasted until midnight. Many campers would say it was their favorite night of the summer.

We wish each of you could be here to experience some of these wonderful moments… and tonight you can! At 7:15 we will be broadcasting the Junior Play (The Little Mermaid) live. The play will begin around 7:30 and will probably end at 8:40. Be prompt, for if you miss it you won’t see it (we do not have permission to save the performance on our website). We will also be broadcasting the Water Show on Saturday and the Senior Play (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) on Monday. Mark your calendars and watch if you can. It is a great glimpse into the bubble!

Each of these performances are worth watching. The effect at camp is amazing! Props, costumes, lighting, set design, and great acting all come together in a beautiful way. We celebrate the success of our friends and feel the same sense of elation when the curtain closes. Such a wonderful night!

I heard that there is a heat wave hitting most of the country but you will be glad to know that it is not impacting camp in the least. We have hot temperatures, but nothing out of the ordinary (the afternoon showers make it somewhat chilly sometimes). Frankly, it has been lovely.

Today will be another nice one. 83 degrees, slightly overcast, afternoon showers, and a cold front due to arrive this weekend (dropping temperatures into the 70’s). I can’t imagine better camp weather… for an entire month! Thank you God!

  • Breakfast: Ham and Cheese Bagles
  • Lunch: Turkey Sandwiches
  • Dinner: Authentic Spanish Paella

Margaret and I will take the Dance Battle winners to dinner in Hendersonville tonight (part of their grand prize package). This will be our first night out of the summer, date night! Dinner and prime seats for the theater, can’t wait!

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