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A seven year old prospective camper just arrived for her tour of camp. As she opened the door and stepped into “the bubble” she took it all in (classes are in full swing, girls having fun everywhere you look) and said “wow”.

I feel the same way… camp is impressive on the surface, but that is not the reason we love it. We love it for the way it builds character, the way it builds confidence, and the way it glorifies God. Main Camp parents “get it” and I particularly love hearing their perspective this time of year. Your emails and letters are golden, nuggets of wisdom from those who have supported camp for a long time. This is from yesterday’s email:

I love Lou Holtz – He is a really great motivational speaker (you can find him on YouTube if you are interested). There are a few of his commencement addresses where he talks about being successful vs. being significant. Success, he says, is achieving your goals in life and becoming who you want to become, no matter what that is. Significance, on the other hand, is not only being successful yourself, but helping others to be successful as well. He continues that success ends at a person’s death – while significance lives on for many more lifetimes.

Greystone provides the perfect environment for our girls to learn to not only be successful, but to be significant. It affords the opportunity for them to look beyond themselves, and use the Light they have received to shine on others – the world could use more of this kind of Light.

That is exactly right. Girls who are genuinely kind, naturally unselfish, and thankful in all circumstances are special. They will change the world for they have chosen the path of significance. They invest in the lives of others… it is what makes the bubble.

Camp is going great. The weather continues to be perfect and the feeling around camp is very sweet. Tonight we will have our Senior Celebration (basically a Senior camper talent show) and Queens Ball. Each girl is introduced, every one feeling the significance of the moment as their many years of camp are drawing to a close. It will be a long program marked by laughter and tears. The last portion of the evening will present the Queen and her Court (girls who have been chosen by their peers as shining examples of unselfishness and love). Afterwards the seniors will have a little party at Whitehall and a group devotion led by Dr. Margaret. It is a wonderful night, the sweet cards written by their counselors and given at bedtime are precious for a lifetime. So wonderful.

  • Breakfast: French Toast
  • Lunch: Pot Roast
  • Dinner: BBQ Ribs
  • Breakfast Club theme: Spiritual Growth (the last of the 4 fold way)
  • Breakfast Club Joke: The Christian Bear

Thank you for everything.

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