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We hope that when you reunite with your daughter in a few days you will be impressed with how much she has grown. A month is a long time to be apart at such an age and you are certain to quickly spot ways she has changed. Her hair might be a mess, her nails not so clean, her clothes wrinkled… and her character strengthened in ways that delight. Perhaps she says ‘thank you’ more often, cleans her room without complaint, or helps with the dishes without prompting. Perhaps she will show an increased interest in talking about “real” things, or a new interest in attending church, reading her Bible, being sweeter with her siblings, less interested in her phone. These are things that campers embrace in this setting because they work… after so many weeks of practice they have become habits that will make a lasting impact when they leave camp.

Today is a blow out day of wonderful moments. It began with a big Breakfast Club (“Thanks Daddy”), a special invitation to watch the Big Horse Show (which goes on all morning) and attend a “surf and turf” picnic (fish and chips, chicken strips). This evening we will enjoy Rice Bowls on the lawn then polish the day off with the Senior Play “Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”. We hope the livestream will start at 7:20 tonight. Between the hard placs of technical (livestream is glitchy) and legal (we are not allowed to record anything), we have a hard time meeting your expectations. We are doing our best, but we know it can be frustrating.

A quick word about the arts programs at camp. Yesterday’s Art Show was an inspiration and affirmation of our commitment to making the fine arts program significant in every way. We don’t consider crafts to be a place for making “trinkets” (though there is always a place for lanyards and leather bracelets). Instead, we teach the girls to create works of art that are worthy of this stage of life. The pieces on display filled the entire Arts Center, it took an hour to see it all… and everything was really beautiful. When your daughter shows you what she made at camp, we think you will be genuinely impressed.

The Arts programs combine to provide the girls a place to slow down and get out of the sun while making treasures that will be cherished for a lifetime. We work hard to come up with better projects and compelling programs every year, once again Peggy and her team pulled it off. Well Done!

Thank you for checking in. It is a beautiful summer day with slightly overcast skies, mild temperatures, and no chance or rain till the afternoon. These are great days.

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