Our Last Sunday

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Finishing well is one of the best parts of the summer. Campers and counselors alike experience that sublime satisfaction that occurs as a major event finishes… when a task is completed at a high level.

These days are marked by warm glows everywhere you look. Expressions and even posture show a sense of accomplishment after every big event. Plays, Productions, Shows, and routines all represent mountain top moments for some in our community. It is glorious to live in a place that is full of so many people who are justifiably satisfied with life.

Today is Prize Day! Our final Stumblers, the day when T-Shirts (the currency of camp) are handed out to all who ran at least three times this summer. It is a day marked by a huge turnout (a solid 400 in attendance). It was a warm morning marked by very enthusiastic girls having a great time while sweating in the bright morning sun of another perfect summer day.

Last nights Watershow was really beautiful. The biggest synchronized swimming exhibition we have ever done (about 200 campers participating) and made for a really wonderful ending of a really wonderful day. The girls enjoyed snacks by the pool as they watched a diving exhibition before the show. The weather was perfect, not a cloud in the sky threatening the fun. The Livestream did not happen, technical difficulties that I can not fathom… but never fear, we are working on a plan for you to view the show at your leisure.

Today will be a quiet Sunday. Some will watch the Archery Tournament, most will stop by the Fine Arts Center to visit the Art Show. This tradition has become a most anticipated part of our summer with literally hundreds of works on display. Some will anxiously prepare for upcoming shows (the horse show and senior play are tomorrow), some will compete in the riflery and archery tournaments, and most will be filled with that warm afterglow that comes from a job well done. The summer is winding down and it is time to reflect on what we have done.

We will do a surprise “Garden Party” by the lake after church today. This lovely picnic will give everyone a chance to eat a “fancy” picnic in “fancy” clothes… featuring little finger sandwiches, nice salads, and fried chicken, we think it will be a hit. This replaces the big Derby Party during the horse show (which has proven to be distracting from the show). With picture perfect weather, it should be a hit.

As we go back to our cabins, many will begin or continue to work on their “Plane Letters”. Plane Letters are a glorious tradition for transition moments. The idea is to write a sincere letter of appreciation and love. Plane letters are not opened until we have left camp, often while cuddled up in the comfy back seat about an hour after departure. Tears and plane letters go together. Warm memories and warm hopes for what is yet to come… plane letters are amazing. Camp is better for them! We will always treat plane letters as treasured possessions.

Tonight we will enjoy our last Council Fire. We will hear a fable on greed and the famous “ME-ME Bird” story. We will tap a few girls to serve on the Honor Council, recognize a small group with The Spirit of Greystone patch, departments will recognize all those who have passed levels. The fire will slowly burn to embers as darkness envelopes that loamy shaded clearing in the woods. I can almost hear the girls humming taps softly as we end the day.

The “Last” moments are now evident to all… prepare for an emotional week.

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