Our 4th Monday

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We continue to have absolutely perfect weather. Temperatures warm but not hot, occasional afternoon showers, and glorious evenings under an almost full moon. The setting for this 100th summer is about as good as it gets; I think that God is blessing every detail as an encouragement.

We changed tables again this morning (every Monday we get new table assignments) and go through the fun routine of making new friends and greeting old friends at the dining hall. The Honor Council is doing morning assembly (they run the entire program every Monday… doing a great job too).

  • Breakfast: Breakfast Burrito
  • Lunch: Roast Beef Sandwiches
  • Dinner: Fried Chicken

Tonight we will have the last “whole camp crazy” EP of the summer… “Old School Cool” will give groups activities that were popular with campers from other generations. Lots of fun things that a group of 20 can enjoy. Margaret and I are hosting a group at our house (visiting the director’s house has always been popular). The full moon will accentuate many of the activities and the joyful and easy going attitudes of the campers make everything fun. From here on out, we are locked into big EP’s that are highlights of the summer. Momentum is building and will reach full speed with the big play next week… then we get nostalgic and the tears begin to well up.

Isn’t camp great?

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