Opening Day

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What a glorious opening day!

It really is so wonderful. Admittedly, it isn’t easy (getting up early, walking up the hill, making bunk beds, missing a day at work). Sure, there is a lot of emotion (nerves are keenly felt and first day jitters make it hard to eat). There might have been some misty eyes (saying goodbye is not easy). But the work is worth it! Camp is SO AWESOME!!!

The girls have been waiting all summer for this taste of camping bliss. Their expectations are sky high and their enthusiasm is infectious. The counselors are having a blast (lots of laughter as they are going through the many details that fill our morning).

What we did as soon as you left:

  • Schedule Classes… the girls choose 7 classes to take while they are at camp and they enjoy this process. Scheduling is super easy… it only takes about 10 minutes to get a whole cabin done. Counselors write each girls schedule on their name tag so that it is easy to find whenever needed!
  • Health Checks… we make sure everyone is healthy and check everyone’s hair. A big sound system plays fun music, the girls chat with each other and practice dance moves for the big EP tomorrow night… done in no time!
  • Cabin Pictures… we go by the lake and take cabin photos in the white Adirondack chairs. Will post those online soon.
  • Swim Check… every camper gets a chance to show her ability to tread water. Passing the swim test makes you eligible for all water activities… we work with any girl that doesn’t pass the test and make sure she is able to do it as quickly as possible. Usually a day or two is all it takes.
  • Tours… cabin groups take tours around camp. Greystone is a pretty easy place to figure out, but to first time campers it might look really big at first. We help the girls get comfortable… it is not unusual for girls to need help for a few days so we are constantly out giving directions!
  • Lunch is a big buffet that features great smoked turkey, pasta salads, ham, cheese, fruit, chips, and brownies. The girls get their food then have a cabin picnic out in camp (each cabin has picnic blankets to make such occasions nice).

We start regular activities this afternoon… so no “down time”. August campers are all about doing stuff, they like talking but would rather be in a great class. They love getting into camp with a minimum amount of fuss, and who can blame them? Camp is awesome!

Camp is the best place I have ever been. There is a sweetness that is poignant, sweetness formed from simple smiles and joyful moments shared doing awesome adventures. As we live together in harmony we find that life grows richer in all the details. We are sure that your girls will love it here.

Read the blog for details of the days. Things like the weather, the food, the EP’s… they all become big news at camp. By including such details in your letters and emails, you help your girls focus on the good things they are experiencing at camp (not what they are missing at home). FOMO should not be a thing at camp, there is no missing out of anything here!

Thank you for choosing Greystone. Our Centennial Celebration Summer is drawing to a close and it is a pleasure to end it with such a delightful group of girls.

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