Old School

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Cheerleading Tryouts were a huge hit last night. This success surprised me (I didn’t really know what to expect), but in hindsight it should have been evident that this was exactly the kind of program that the girls would love. A mash up of a lot of fun EP’s all in one: talent show, pep rally, a stand-up comedy show, dance… there are a lot of girls that thrive in the spotlight entertaining the crowd! The Evens gathered in the Dance Tent and the Odds in the Pavilion. The cheer teams will be announced at lunch, everyone is excited to find out who will get those coveted sparkle bows!

Old School works at camp, where we embrace the simple things of life in every activity and circumstance. See Saws, swings, ball games, card games, books, letters, and Adirondak chairs are all enticing. We enjoy sitting in the pit and jumping in mud puddles. We are drawn to long conversations under shade trees and dance parties in cabins. We like rolling down hills and skipping down paths. We like twirling around and around until we fall down in a heap with dizzy laughter. Camp is where we do such things all the time. It never gets old.

Our facilities are here to help the girls transition to the “main event” (simple fun and spiritual growth). Comfortable cabins and nice program areas fade into the background quickly as we settle into the reality of camp life. In the first days, the nice places are important (the help make the transition from home an easy one) and they do make camp better… but “things” are not what matter. What really matters are the people and the spirit of camp… neither of which need much to grow! Put this community together anywhere and they would eventually make it a heaven on earth… just like the campers from the ‘20’s!

  • Breakfast: Ham and Cheese Toast/ bagles
  • Lunch: Meat Loaf and Mashed Potatoes
  • Dinner: Chicken Broccoli and Rice Casserole

At lunch we will let the girls know EP… Group Night! We will spread out all over the place and do all kinds of fun things by age groups.

  • Unicorn Party
  • Make your own wood fired pizza party
  • Catered dinner at Jimboy’s house
  • Field trip to a trampoline park
  • Night out at a baseball game
  • Survivor Challenge
  • Llamarama Fiesta Party

Group Night will be a huge hit and a complete surprise (neither campers nor counselors know about it yet). We like to sprinkle delightful surprises into the calendar, such moments establish a sense of expectation that is very appropriate in life. We never know what a day will hold, camp teaches us that it might be something really awesome!

The weather is still hot and humid, but a change is coming. Tomorrow should bring overcast skies and cooler temperatures. Only scattered showers, so our plans for the 4th should not be impacted.

Hope you are enjoying the holiday week.

Thanks for checking in.

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