Growth Is Not Easy

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Growth is not always easy but it is always good. I bring this up because we are sending out scanned letters from your campers today (new technology allows us to do this) and A FEW of those letters will sound sad. This is very normal and can be an indication that your camper is growing.

Homesickness certainly CAN be a bad experience, but at camp it provides a very positive growth opportunity… for homesickness builds resilience (one the most useful character traits in life). As directors, we welcome such circumstances. Learning to control our feelings rather than letting our feelings control us is one of the best things you can learn at camp. The girls develop this skill quickly and end up appreciating such moments as a valuable part of their time at camp.

Life circumstances always change (not always for the better) and we need effective coping skills. Those skills are often learned and strengthened at camp. Here we are in a safe, supportive, encouraging, and loving environment. Campers learn from their counselors, their peers, and from you. We are only here a short time, but it is enough time to learn a lot. It is time enough to become resilient, equipped to engage in changing circumstances with a balanced perspective.

If you want to check out our take on the homesick theme, read this blog on Resilience. It more fully fleshes out what homesickness looks like at camp and explains how we determine what course of action is appropriate. There are very few girls who will get homesick while they are here so don’t get too worried… we always call and let you know if your camper is not adjusting to camp in a healthy way. Also know that you are encouraged to reach out if you have a concern (our Group Leaders are here to help!).

Our weather continues to be delightful, and today we will add the “wild card” element of afternoon showers. This is a much loved component of the North Carolina mountains in the summer months. Temperatures gradually rise from the low 60’s in the morning to the 80’s in the afternoon, then big clouds and gusty wind announce the arrival of a short rain storm. Temperatures drop 20 degrees, then the clouds depart leaving a lovely cloak of mist on the mountains.

Camp has a very good feeling… a feeling of joy is evident in every corner of the community. We couldn’t be more pleased.

Breakfast Club was on Social Growth (the art and potential benefit of having lots of quick conversations every day). We encourage the girls to smile a lot at camp, making eye contact with a big smile and following up with a simple conversation. To make new friends all day every day while at camp. The joke was “In Stink”. I am practicing the art of the 2 minute joke this session (I am master of the 20 minute joke, but August campers appreciate brevity).

The Food Today:

  • BREAKFAST: scrambled eggs, hash browns, sausage, and all the normal stuff (cereal, oatmeal, fruit bar, Berries, Greek yogurt, homemade granola).
  • LUNCH: BLT sandwiches, Kettle Chips
  • DINNER: Sausage Macaroni Casserole, green beans
  • EP will be the Cabin Lip Synchs. The girls are really excited about seeing the acts… with an extra day of practice, the show will be great!

Thank you for checking in.

How to see your letter:

  • Log in to your Greystone account
  • Click on Forms
  • Click “Camper Schedule” form
  • Click PRINT on the right side to view letter.
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