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The 100th chapter of Greystone is almost over. Sure, we have another big session to enjoy (August Camp is a delight) and we will be welcoming hundreds of Alumnae in October… but this session is the standard by which we gauge the success of every summer. The efforts required are monumental and made particularly so because of the high expectations for this Centennial year. In the light of a glorious closing day it is abundantly clear that those high expectations were met.

Thank you:

  • Campers… you were the IDEAL campers for this important summer. You made Greystone shine with a luster not surpassed in a hundred years. The generations past delight in your success and we are grateful beyond words. You formed a bubble that was profoundly beautiful. Thank you.
  • Parents… many of you have been sending your girls to Greystone for a long time (about half of camp has been coming for more than 5 years). Such loyalty is rare and your support is not taken for granted. We are profoundly grateful to be a priority in your family plans. Thank you.
  • Counselors… few understand what this work requires. It is a remarkably selfless summer job: 24 hour responsibilities, low pay, largely unappreciated by future employers, no prestige, no boys, many rules… yet satisfying in a way that makes it all worthwhile. Thank you.
  • God… We have been asking you to bless this camp for 100 years and You have consistantly provided abundantly more than we ever even imagined. We give You the glory for this and every summer.

Some of you now end your season at Greystone. The “camp years” have passed quickly and we hope they have been sweet in every way.

Some of you are only beginning your camp years, we will look forward to what lies ahead.

No matter what, we will always be grateful that you were a part of this significant summer.

Safe journeys.

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